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WWE NXT results, live blog (Oct. 10, 2023): Cena, Cody, Heyman, Asuka & more

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for the Oct. 10 show from the WWE Performance Center: John Cena corners Carmelo Hayes for his match against Bron Breakker, who will be managed for the night by Paul Heyman. Did we mention that NXT is going head-to-head with AEW Dynamite tonight?

Which is why tonight’s card also features Cody Rhodes making a BIG announcement, Roxanne Perez taking on Asuka, Tyler Bate teaming with Brawling Brutes for a Pub Rules match against Gallus, and more (GONG)!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


There’s two kinds of people in the world, the outlaws, and the lawmen that prevail. The bounty hunter’s job is on the wrong side of the law, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes making his entrance.

He greets the crowd and asks what they want to talk about. He says he never thought he’d be standing in this particular ring, but something feels right about it. It’s the Rhodes, it’s Florida, they’ve spilled blood all over this state and in the vein of gratitude he wants to cut right to his big announcement.

Actually, announcements, plural. He talks about the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament and announces there will be an NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament as well. He kept hearing people talk about a certain tag team tournament, and yes, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is back as well!

But one more announcement! On perhaps the biggest night in NXT history, he has the privilege and “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels made it so, he’s the special guest general manager tonight!

Enter Ilja Dragunov.

The crowd chants “Happy birthday!” at him and he lets a little chuckle out before saying he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to welcome Cody to NXT. His announcements bring hope to the future of the brand, create excitement and breathe life into NXT, but besides that he simply wanted to meet him.

This man who brings this passion, this energy, the will to suffer for the entire WWE Universe, and he’ll match it with the fire that only the Mad Dragon can blow!

Enter Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley.

Dom mocks them for “patting each other on the back” and says the WWE Universe is here to see the greatest superstar this brand has to offer, him. Dragunov says he’s not surprised Mysterio came out to talk when no one wants to hear the sound of his voice, and he says his father used to work in a prison, so he knows exactly how to turn a barking dog into a sweet little puppy.

Mysterio sasses back, Cody asks if that means he’s not willing to put his title on the line, and Rhea says he’s had the company on his back and just won the title back. Ilja says today is a day of celebration and he can’t imagine anything better than eating a man like him alive in the ring, and Rhea, darling, he’s gonna smash your boy!

Rhodes makes the match official but says Judgment Day are all about that numbers game and he won’t see them ruin it, so he has a special guest referee in mind— LA KNIGHT!

We see John Cena arriving at the arena earlier today.

Asuka vs. Roxanne Perez

Shotzi Blackheart is on commentary for this one for some reason. Oh, I see, she’s hosting Halloween Havoc again, got it.

Circling, mat grappling, Asuka with a fireman’s carry takeover, headscissor reversal, Perez ducks a kick and we go back to standing. Waistlock, standing switch, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block! A shoving match breaks out, big palm strike from Roxanne! Ducking jawbs, off the ropes, flying shoulder block and the Empress bails to the floor!

Off the ropes, Asuka cuts her off on a suicide dive with a forearm! Up top, missile dropkick, cover for two! Empress working an armbar briefly, trading strikes, Perez wins the exchange, off the ropes, shotgun dropkick connects! Side Russian legsweep, Roxanne follows with a dive, back inside, shoulder block, Asuka cuts her off!

Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, back on the mat, Asuka with a kick, looking for the Asuka lock, victory roll pin gets Perez two! More pinning predicaments, La Casita, reversed into the Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring, Perez reverses into a pin but Asuka keeps the hold!

Back to her feet, almost in the ropes, Asuka breaks for a strike rush, reverse roundhouse, thrust kick...

Asuka wins by pinfall with a thrust kick.

Post-match, Kiana James gets in the ring to stalk after Roxanne Perez but Shotzi attacks her and cuts her off!

We see footage of Paul Heyman arriving at the arena earlier today.

Gallus are backstage getting each other hyped up and shoving each other and so on.

Pete Dunne gives Tyler Bate a pep talk about how he needs his big strong boy, and Ridge Holland joins them.

British Strong Style (Pete “BUTCH” Dunne & Tyler Bate) & Ridge Holland vs. Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, & Wolfgang) (Pub Rules Match)

Chaotic brawling, Dunne jamming darts into Joe’s hands! Ridge blasts Mark with fire extinguisher smoke and dumps him upside down into a trash can! Gallus turn things around, smashing Bate into the apron and slamming Dunne through a table as we finally, mercifully go to break.

Back from commercial, Dunne stomps Wolfgang’s hands, Beats of the Bodhran in triplicate! Back inside, German suplex nearfall, Gallus pass them to the floor, Wolfgang with the big man tope con giro! Joe with a German suplex on Tyler, he follows it up with a standing Tarantula but Holland breaks it up!

Ridge with a Boston Crab on Coffey, triplicate babyface submission attempts, Joe kicks Holland away! Gallus nearfall, Bate breaks it up with a senton atomico! Ridge gets a table out from under the ring, he dumps Mark and Wolfgang out of the ring, ducks All the Best for the Bells but Joe takes him out with a crossbody!

Coffey sets Holland up, BUTCH with an enzuigiri but he gets caught by All the Best for the Bells! Joe sets him on the table, Tyler smashes a mug across Coffey’s face, Pete wrenches his fingers, the babyfaces hoist him up...

British Strong Style & Tyler Bate win by pinfall with a triple powerbomb through a table on Joe Coffey.

We get a hype reel for Becky Lynch vs. Lyra Valkyria.

Tegan Nox rolls up on a Lyra Valkyria interview to demand that she put her title match with Becky Lynch off so she can get a rematch, and Lyra gives her an earful about how she’s not gonna let anybody get in her way.

We see John Cena walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, John Cena makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He thanks the NXT audience for a warm welcome and says everybody talks about how NXT is the future but they can’t see (hand waggle) that we’re making history tonight. He says gratitude is a core value of his and thanks everyone for making an environment that main roster stars want to visit.

When Carmelo Hayes called, he couldn’t say yes fast enough because they have so much in common and he’s proud to be in his corner tonight against Bron Breakker.

Enter Bron Breakker.

He says it’s a big night for NXT and they didn’t come to see Cena, they came here to see him. He keeps talking but the audio gets chewed up censoring the audience chanting “bullshit” at him. Cena says we all know that Bron is athletically gifted but hs glaring weakness is his attitude.

He lacks respect, and John didn’t come out here to run him down, but now that he’s here, it’s a teachable moment. He’s excited to see the match, and he’s here to respectfully wish Breakker good luck. Cena extends a hand and Bron punches him in the head! Lying in wait...CENA SIDESTEPS THE SPEAR! Fireman’s carry but Breakker gets away!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Cody Rhodes runs into the D’Angelo Family backstage.

The say they’re running into some kind of problem and Cody says he’s the guest General Manager and maybe he has a solution. They say they’re looking for new challengers and Tony outlines a match in a confusing manner.

Stacks elucidates, saying he’s pitching a tag team battle royal, one member eliminated eliminates the team, and when they’re down to two teams, they have a normal tag team match to determine the number one contender. Rhodes is into it, saying it reminds him of some of his dad’s match ideas, and sets the first Bada Boom, Bada Bing Battle Royal for next week.

Baron Corbin is interviewed backstage.

He accuses Ilja Dragunov of padding his record to seem more important and says his phony intensity doesn’t fool him, he’s ducking him. He continues ranting and raving until he’s interrupted by LA Knight’s music.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Ilja Dragunov (c) (NXT Championship)

LA Knight is your special guest referee.

Circling, Dragunov with a back suplex into a side headlock, hip toss as Mysterio gets up, cover for two! Dom backs him into a corner, shoulder thrusts, big right hand! Rolling German suplexes from the champion, Rhea Ripley runs interference and Knight is right on her but he misses a thumb to the eye!

Dominik throws Ilja hard into the ropes and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dragunov with a cradle German suplex, chops in the corner, machine gun chops, crumbling Mysterio under his assault! Constantine Special dodged, catapult puts Ilja into the ropes, 619 connects! Dragunov cuts him off in the turnbuckles, jockeying for position... DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX!

Dom with upkicks from the apron, DDT on the apron, back inside, Ilja blocks a front chancery and hits a release powerbomb! H Bomb connects, Finn Balor and JD McDonagh run in but LA Knight sends both of them packing! Rhea with a belt shot, Ilja ducks and Trick Williams pulls her off the apron!

Ilja is ready...

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall with Torpedo Moskau, retaining the NXT Championship.

Baron Corbin comes down to confront Dragunov but he gets beaten to the punch by Donovan Dijak, who lays the champion out and tells Corbin to his face that he’s got Ilja first.

Carmelo Hayes is chatting backstage with John Cena.

He thanks him for his advice and says he’s gonna bring it against Bron Breakker tonight.

Trick Williams rolls up and introduces himself, Hayes apologizes for last week but Trick says not to worry about it with Cena here. John acts surprised that he can see him before giving them both a pep talk about how they’ll be champions again. Hayes says he’s gonna win tonight and then get his title back and then get Trick’s title back.

Williams stares into the distance and John asks if he’s okay. Trick says he’s fine but he asks when Cena knew it was his time, and John takes him off to talk elsewhere.

We get NXT Anonymous footage of Paul Heyman chatting with Ava Raine backstage.

A mystery car rolls up and Jade Cargill gets out.

She shakes “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels’ hand and he welcomes her to NXT.

Lola Vice makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Baron Corbin rolls up to Cody Rhodes to ask him to make the match between him and Ilja Dragunov, and he’s willing to let bygones be bygones between them for it.

Cody says Donovan Dijak made a good case, too, and he says he thinks the winner of Melo vs. Bron has a good case, too, and he books a triple threat #1 contender’s match for next week.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley are walking with a bag of ice on his chin complaining he gets no respect.

Nathan Frazer gets in his face and they have a little back and forth.

Dani Palmer vs. Lola Vice (NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament First Round Match)

Collar and elbow, Vice with a full nelson, broken, kick ducked, stalemate! Palmer with a headscissors, reversed to a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block! Off the ropes, drop down, victory roll from Dani for two! Leapfrog, duck a kick, double wristlock takeover into another headscissors!

Lola with a bodyscissors, staying on her even as Palmer gets to her feet, but she gets dislodged in the corner. Diving crossbody, roll away from a kick, big leaping lariats, shotgun dropkick, Lola with a triangle choke, bridging pin to counter, only two! Vice lines her up...

Lola Vice wins by pinfall with a crescent kick.

We get a Chase U vignette.

Thea Hail shows up late and says she’d only come back if Jacy Jayne got to join her, and Andre Chase allows it as he gives a history lesson about Halloween Havoc. They’re disruptive and soon the whole class is chatting and looking at their phones.

Andre takes it out on some dude and smashes his phone. Jacy laughs about it and when confronted, says she’s surprised he wasn’t just happy about the news, which is that Chase and Duke Hudson are in the battle royal next week.

We see Bron Breakker working out backstage when Paul Heyman rolls up to chat.

He says wisdom comes with experience and he worked with his father and his uncle and he’s got the best of both of them. He’s the wiseman because he can see the future, and Bron Breakker is the future, in the main event of WrestleMania. And the only thing standing in his way is Carmelo Hayes.

Bron says he doesn’t care if it’s Carmelo, Cena, or whoever, he’s gonna breakk ‘em all.

Paul E calls Roman Reigns.

John Cena and Carmelo Hayes make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get another channel-changing vignette and it settles on a Brian Pillman video package as we get a Brian Pillman, Jr. voiceover about how everybody talks to him about his dad.

He says he tried to do anything but follow in his father’s footsteps but now he has no choice but to embrace it and inflict pain on the very business that has hurt him so much, and he takes the name of the man who raised him, King.

Kiana James is backstage chatting with Asuka and thanks her for leaving just enough of Roxanne for her to finish.

Blair Davenport walks up and chats with Asuka in Japanese for a moment.

Fallon Henley rolls up to try and shake her hand but Tiffany Stratton cuts the line and introduces herself and says to come ask if she needs anything. Henley asks if daddy taught her manners, and Tiffany says he taught her to treat people like Fallon differently.

Commentary hypes next week’s show up.

Paul Heyman makes his entrance and does his usual schtick before introducing Bron Breakker.

Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes

Circling, Hayes dodges a charge and lands a probing right hand! Backing Breakker into the corner, Bron cuts him off with a kick, up and over, diving crossbody countered into a powerslam! Shoulder blocks in the corner, fireman’s carry, Melo slips out, sho off, springboard lariat cuts Breakker right off!

Rolling to the floor, Carmelo gets up in the turnbuckles and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Breakker with a front chancery in the corner, leaving Hayes hanging off the ropes, jockeying for position in the corner, implant DDT into the turnbuckles leaves Carmelo laying! Catapult into the bottom rope, cover for two! Whip across, back body drop, military press gutbuster... NOPE!

Bron does a little “You can’t see me!” to taunt John Cena at ringside but Hayes pops up and nails him with a superkick! Stinger Splash, another one, slingshot Final Cut... SO CLOSE! Jockeying for position in the corner, sidestep the charge, Bron eats the post, off the top, military press powerslam connects... MELO KICKS OUT!

Breakker grabs the steel steps, Cena cuts him off, kicks him, and smashes Solo Sikoa with the steel! Hayes with a Codebreaker on the floor, Paul Heyman also disappears...

Carmelo Hayes wins by pinfall with Nothing But Net.

Post-match, Bron cuts Hayes down with a spear!

Breakker gets on the mic and says win or lose, there’s only one badass in WWE—


The lights go down and come back up.

The Undertaker is here, in American Badass form!

He gets in the ring and goes face-to-face with Bron! Breakker grabs a mic and tells Taker to listen to him and calls him an oldtimer and repeats his claim that he’s the only badass around here.

Undertaker grabs the mic and says he’s been watching and one day Bron will be a very special talent, but that day ain’t today. He drops the mic and lays Breakker out with one hard right hook! Waiting for him to get back up, goozle... CHOKESLAM! He gives Bron some advice— there’s always an older, bigger, badder badass waiting around the corner, and he just met the baddest of them all.

That’s the show, folks.

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