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Uncle Howdy’s identity could be revealed on Raw (Possible SPOILER)


Ever since Bray Wyatt officially returned to WWE at Extreme Rules, there were reports and rumors that he’d be bringing some family and friends back with him.

While we haven’t seen the speculated upon “Wyatt 6” group emerge (yet), the masked Uncle Howdy figure has been looming large over Bray’s slow burn feud with LA Knight. Howdy’s appearance on the Dec. 16 SmackDown established that it wasn’t Wyatt wearing the mask (we think?), and reinforced a lot of people’s belief about the identity of the man playing Uncle H... Bray’s real life brother Taylor “Bo Dallas” Rotunda.

According to PWInsider and Fightful Select, Dallas is backstage at Raw for the show tonight (Jan. 9) in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dallas lives in Florida, and could just be backstage visiting. After all, last we heard the person playing Howdy was wearing the mask full-time behind-the-scenes at recent SmackDown tapings to preserve their secret identity. But seeing as Alexa Bliss is supposed to explain why she’s been behaving erratically whenever Wyatt-related symbols flash around her, Insider is connecting the dots and saying:

This should confirm 100% that Dallas is playing the Uncle Howdy role.

Find out with us in our live blog tonight!

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