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WWE names the top returns in the history of Monday Night Raw

It’s Sunday, and that means another WWE Top 10 video. We love those! We especially love big returns to television, which makes today’s Top 10 even better.

It’s the WWE Top 10 returns in the history of Monday Night Raw:

10. Braun Strowman
9. Bobby Lashley
8. X-Pac
7. The Dudley Boyz
6. Trish Stratus
5. Bret Hart
4. Roman Reigns
3. Triple H
2. Brock Lesnar
1. The Rock

Strowman is a recent return, so I get that they wanted to include him on this list. The rest are all major returns that deserve placement here but I’m baffled that Hart isn’t higher up considering everything that went into that.

Also, man, the reception Triple H got in the Garden back in 2002 was really something. Even now, it’s deafening.

Either way, it’s a solid list. Maybe someday soon we’ll get an update to it.

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