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Charlotte Flair seems genuinely happy to be getting cheered again

Charlotte Flair spent the majority of 2022 getting married and honeymooning with her husband. Whenever a wrestler takes significant time off, no matter their character alignment before taking said time, fans typically respond to their return with cheers.

Such was the case with “The Queen,” who came back to WWE just one week ago. That much isn’t a big surprise. That she was able to maintain that response despite doing something as potentially controversial as instantly winning the SmackDown women’s championship. It almost certainly helps that she won it from Ronda Rousey, but there’s no way she could have expected to get “thank you, Charlotte” chants one week later.

Yet that’s exactly what happened. Her response to it was what appeared to be the kind of genuine happiness you simply can’t fake.

Look at her in a post-show interview. She’s downright giddy about it:

“Did you hear the ‘thank you, Charlotte’ chants? That’s going to take some time to get used to. Just hearing that just, I don’t know, just makes me feel like I don’t have to be so defensive. For the last couple years I just felt like I always had to wear my armor every time I was in the ring. The reception has just, I don’t know. It just feels good. It makes me want to smile while I’m out there, and be a little less ‘evil Queen.’”

That’s pretty great.

She also vowed to be a fighting champion, so perhaps we should expect more TV title defenses in the future. Hey, that sounds just fine to me.

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