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Let’s go back to reading too much into CM Punk’s social media

Vince McMahon is back on the WWE Board of Directors, using the power he’s always held to slither his way right back into the driver’s seat in regards to the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. The alleged reason for this is to pursue a sale, but it seems equally likely he’ll end up right back where he was, the singular driving force behind everything we see from WWE.

It all feels pretty gross. Nothing is resolved, and quite literally no one but Vince McMahon himself are better off for this and quite a few folks are actively hurt by it. It sucks.

We’ll continue to grapple with that in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, I’d like us to get back to an old pastime — reading far too much into CM Punk’s social media activity.

Punk has been out of the spotlight ever since he was involved in backstage brawl following an explosive press conference immediately after AEW’s All Out pay-per-view in August of last year. Though the belief has long been that he’s done with the company and no one wants him back, there have been at least a couple hints that they may not be how this all shakes out in the end.

Here’s the latest Instagram story we can read too far into:

He’s back in the gym! And listening to a song called “Watch Me Rise.” Here are the lyrics, per Genius:

“Goddamn” he said, “I promised myself I’d never feel this fucking way again
This world has got me praying on my knees for one peaceful thought in my mind, my stride, my life
My time is consumed with a thousand thoughts
I hate me
Like a flock of birds with no direction or intention of finding home

It’s so hard to think
It’s so hard to change
When this world doesn’t see you any other way

In this world, they choose to see me, they choose to see me like a setting sun
So it’s up to me, I have to see me like a rising one

In my days somebody told me that the rain would always come
always come to wash away the pain
But nothing changes and this world still wants me down
Wants me on my knees praying in that rain

“Born this way, die this way”

I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees
I’d rather die on my feet so you can watch me
Watch me rise with the things we carry: the loss, the scars, the weight of hevay hearts, the things we carry

So I say to the slaves of depression: carry on and sing the sweet redeeming song about living this life free and long
Watch me rise for miles and miles

I’ll let you decide how to take all that, or whether or not to take it at all.

Let’s just go back to wondering about something that doesn’t feel so heavy.

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