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It sounds like Sasha Banks isn’t coming to AEW

AEW Dynamite takes place in Los Angeles next week (Jan. 11), and one of the advertised matches on the card is Saraya and a mystery partner versus Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. This television match was announced five weeks ahead of time, which is very unusual, and has naturally created an expectation among fans that Mercedes Moné (fka Sasha Banks) will make her AEW debut as part of the angle.

Even with AEW’s announcement yesterday that Toni Storm will be Saraya’s partner, a lot of folks are holding out hope it’s a swerve to cover up the big surprise of Mercedes coming to AEW. After all, why else would Baker have referred to herself as a “boss” if it wasn’t a tease for Moné arrival?

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer followed up on this situation. He said Mercedes is not coming to AEW:

“She is not in Los Angeles. She is not coming into AEW. I don’t think she wants to make that commitment. Because if she goes to AEW, it’s a long commitment.”

“I’ve heard denials from AEW people in the match...that’s why they had to announce somebody this week. Because they knew it was really screwed because everybody was thinking it was [Mercedes], and it wasn’t her.”

When Meltzer was pressed by his co-host Bryan Alvarez about the purpose of Baker’s “boss” line, Dave conceded that anything is possible. However, people in WWE don’t expect to see Moné wrestling for Tony Khan:

“Maybe she will [be in Los Angeles]...anything is possible.”

“I also know from WWE that they are very strongly under the impression that she will not wrestle for AEW. They think that she is coming back at some point, and she’ll get this out of her system. She’ll do her New Japan matches, because she’s only contracted for a couple matches, and then come back.”

After she wraps up her NJPW schedule, do you hope to see Mercedes Moné call AEW her new home, or would you prefer to see Sasha Banks return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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