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NXT has a stalker... er, we mean a ‘mystery watcher’

That, and all the highlights from the Jan. 3 episode.

Just as we close the book on one case (Dijak let Stacks go... so he could beat him in the ring), there’s a new crime spree starting at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Someone filming things they shouldn’t be...

Why is someone filming NXT Women’s Tag champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance while they meet with the trainer? All we know is that Carter & Chance don’t like it.

What secret are KC2 keeping? Are they going to have vacate the belts?

And of course, the biggest question is who is stalking around the PC filming the NXT roster? This seems like the sort of thing Scrypts was threatening to do before he turned out to just be Reggie in a mask, but maybe they’re getting back to what was teased during his rollout? But why would he care about the women’s tag scene? Much of Wrestling Twitter™ seems to think its related to Chelsea Green, but last we heard Mrs. Cardona was headed straight to the main roster.

Make like Benoit Blanc and let us know what you think is going on. You can see if there are any clues in this playlist of other highlights & fallout videos from last night’s show:

  • Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes
  • Axiom vs. Trick Williams
  • Apollo Crews saves Axiom from Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams
  • Dijak vs. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo
  • The Don calls out Dijak
  • Several Superstars state their case for NXT Women’s Title Match
  • Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn
  • Kiana James supposedly tries to make amends with Fallon Henley
  • Oro Mensah vs. Javier Bernal
  • Andre Chase vs. Drew Gulak
  • Wes Lee hopes for an all-out war between Dijak and Tony D’Angelo
  • Pretty Deadly want to run the gauntlet
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Joe Gacy
  • Waller discovers the cost of going viral in confrontation with Breakker
  • The countdown ends next week
  • Apollo Crews and Axiom bond over common enemies (Digital Exclusive)
  • Alba Fyre has more than resolution on her mind (Digital Exclusive)

For complete results and the live blog for the Jan. 3 episode of NXT click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.

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