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Ricky Starks had the best response to being caught on camera at Royal Rumble

Ricky Starks looks up to Cody Rhodes as a friend and mentor, and he’s been loud & clear that Rhodes leaving AEW to return to WWE last year did nothing to change that.

So Starks accompanying the American Nightmare on Saturday ahead of one of the biggest moments of Cody’s career — winning the Royal Rumble and earning a WrestleMania main event spot — shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Still, when a photo of the current AEW star walking with Rhodes and WWE’s John Cone into San Antonio’s Alamodome hit the web over the weekend, it generated some buzz.’s Twitter

It also teed Absolute up for one of his “work of art”-like tweets:

For folks who missed the Attitude Era, GTV was something that showed up sporadically on WWE television in 1999 and 2000.

Originally intended to be a vehicle for the return of Dustin Rhodes’ Goldust character, the footage that aired on Raw showed “unsuspecting” members of the roster doing random embarrassing things (like Val Venis stuffing a sock in his tights), and sometimes advanced storylines (with things like Shane McMahon faking an injury, or the above video breaking up Shawn Stasiak & Terri Runnels). Dusty’s older son had a falling out with the company before he could be revealed as the person behind the camera, a couple other ideas reportedly didn’t pass muster with Vince McMahon, and the whole thing disappeared as angles sometimes did during the Monday Night War.

At least it was set-up for a good Tricky Ricky joke. Wrestling Twitter can take it from there.

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