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WWE NXT results, live blog (Jan. 24, 2023): Two-on-one tag title match

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: We inch closer to Vengeance Day with a Women’s Championship Summit between champ Roxanne Perez and her two PLE challengers, Toxic Attraction’s Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin. Plus, Alba Fyre tries to win the NXT Women’s Tag Team championship single-handedly when she takes on Kayden Carter & Katana Chance, Tiffany Stratton’s first match back is against Indi Hartwell, Chase U throws an Award Ceremony for Thea Hail... and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Well I’m trying to tell you about a thing I thought I saw, it came to me in a dream one night when a voice began to call. I heard my name being summoned as I looked around to see a hooded judge and jury, there was no mercy there for me. Well I can’t make it, I just can’t figure it out, so I guess I’ll liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with some social media footage from yesterday of Grayson Waller attacking Bron Breakker at the Performance Center and the ensuing pull-apart brawl.

Indi Hartwell vs. Tiffany Stratton

Hartwell attacks Stratton before the bell and beats her down!

Inside for sanctioned action, shoulder thrust sets up a snapmare, dropkicks, cover for two. Tiffany desperately offers a handshake and just gets a stomp for her trouble, so she slings Indi into the turnbuckles! Stagger her with a front kick but Hartwell passes her to the floor, slingshot knee drop... NOPE!

Hip attack in the ropes, cover for two, keeping the offense up, seated senton for another nearfall and into the top wristlock. Trying to grind Indi down, she gets out and hits a spinebuster to reset the momentum! Passing Stratton into the apron, uppercut sets up a pump kick, whip, up and over, a series of kicks take Tiffany off her feet!

Stratton begs off with a knee injury, hobbling and getting the referee to call a medic down... AND USING THE RUSE TO SMASH INDI IN THE FACE WITH A FOREARM! Finlay Roll sets her up...

Tiffany Stratton wins by pinfall with a diving moonsault.

Jacy Jayne is interviewed backstage and says that she realized that she’s been carrying Gigi Dolin this entire time and you can check the receipts. She promises something we’ve never seen before for tonight’s championship summit.

We see Thea Hail getting ready backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see that Ivy Nile has set the Creed Brothers up with Drew Gulak and his crew to help the iron sharpen the iron and get them ready for their match against Indus Sher.

Gulak admonishes his students and insists on stepping onto the mat with Julius Creed, losing his temper after a single leg and shoving Creed hard and accusing him of being cheap.

The ring is set up for Thea Hail’s award’s ceremony, the honorable professor Andre Chase presiding.

He says we’re here to award someone who has worked hard and excelled in the classroom if not the ring, But that changed because she looked fear right in the eye and didn’t blink, and after a little overeager swearing, he presents her a plaque to celebrate her first victory.

JD McDonagh interrupts.

He asks if this is how far the standard has slipped, if we’re handing out participation awards. (Well no, this is an award for actually winning.) He calls them all losers and Andre tells him off, but JD picks at the Duke Hudson scab, asking if he’s really on board and says he’s dressed for a fight so get out of his ring.

Chase says one of the first lessons he teaches is to always be prepared, and if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready, and he’s ready to give McDonagh a Chase University sized ass-whooping!

Right hands send JD flying out of the ring and we go to break!

Andre Chase vs. JD McDonagh

Back from commercial, match in progress and McDonagh is in control, quick covers and a reverse chinlock. Off the ropes, Chase with a back suplex for some breathing room! Pressing the attack, backslide for two, JD with a back body drop but he’s slow to capitalize.

Waistlock, standing switch, McDonagh explodes off the ropes with a big lariat! Andre catches him with a victory roll pin for two! FLIP PILEDRIVER CONNECTS BUT JD GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! A little back and forth, Duke Hudson runs off and McDonagh catches Chase...

JD McDonagh wins by pinfall with the Saito Suplex.

Kiana James is giving her assitant orders to handle while she wrestles.

Fallon Henley is there to talk strategy for the match alongside Briggs and Jensen. There’s a little bit of dissent over who should start but they decide to figure it out in the ring and we go to break.

Fallon Henley & Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley

Henley starting for her team, getting overwhelmed by the Diamond Mine gals, side headlock, blind tag from James big right hand and Fallon works with her to take Paxley off her feet! Into the corner, kicks and shoulder blocks, Cobra Twist applied! Tags made, Nile takes Henley off her feet with shoulder blocks, big kick in the corner but Fallon gets a boot up!

Ivy has a Dragon Sleeper in, James runs interference and Henley gets out and takes her down...

Fallon Henley & Kiana James win by pinfall with a running knee from Henley on Ivy Nile.

New Day are backstage chatting when Edris Enofe and Malik Blade roll up to thank them for how much they’ve learned since they came here.

New Day say they love seeing them work and Blade and Enofe ask if they can get in on the title match at Judgment Day.

The Schism roll up to ask in themselves, and New Day announce a tag team invitational next week, the winner of which gets to join them and Gallus and Pretty Deadly in the Vengeance Day tag title match.

We see Bron Breakker arriving at the building and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Apollo Crews goes to Carmelo Hayes’ barber shop for a shave.

Hayes and Trick Williams arrive, of course, and Melo’s fed up but he just wants to talk. Apollo sees that Carmelo is starting to realize he’s not gonna be rid of him, and he’s the same, it’s two men, one spot. Hayes says it must be tough seeing a younger, better, more athletic version of himself.

He’s so close to getting what he wants, but he’s got the biggest brightest superstar in his way, so go have a vision about the title looking good around Hayes’ waist. Crews says it would, but it’d look even better around HIS waist. They come to the realization that it’s time for a rubber match at Vengeance Day, 2/3 falls, and it’s booked.

Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed) vs. Drew Gulak & Hank Walker

Gulak and Julius to start, Creed with a double leg and a waistlock takedown, Drew with a nearfall pinning predicament and into an armbar. Julius forces him into the corner, tag to Walker, picking the armbar right back up, hip tosses, tag to Brutus, short whip into a fireman’s carry takeover!

Whip across, big shoulder block, Gulak getting Walker fired up and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Gulak smashing Brutus with forearms but he gets caught by a German suplex! Double sledges, windmill punches, Drew backs him off with a dropkick and hits a DDT! Tags made, Walker gets caught by a kick, charging forearms, Drew runs in and eats a belly-to-belly suplex!

T-Bone suplex for Hank, standing shooting star, tag, standing shooting star... SO CLOSE! Tag to Gulak, Brutus pulls him off the top turnbuckle and into an assisted double underhook Neutralizer with a tag from Julius... HANK BREAKS IT UP! Trading forearms on their knees and to their feet, Gulak with a bulldog headlock, Walker tags back in, fireman’s carry!

Drew off the ropes, Brutus pounces him, Julius slips out but Hank drops him! Wheelbarrow mat slam into a cross armbar, reversed into a pin but Walker hangs in there! Hands clasped, into a pin again, Hank lets go! Creed blasts him, Brutus tags back in, whip reversed, sleeper hold from Walker!

Shot off, criss-cross, duck a lariat, double lariats and both men are down! Charlie Dempsey arrives at ringside, Drew confronts him and leaves Hank to finish the match, Walker boots Julius but a followup is caught and countered into a belly-to-belly suplex! Brutus tags in...

Creed Brothers win by pinfall with a Brutus Bomb from Brutus Creed on Hank Walker.

Post-match, Julius Creed gets on the mic and admits to Ivy Nile that he’s stubborn and takes everything personal and he’ll always have a chip on his shoulder but that’s how he has to be to be the best version of himself. These last couple months haven’t been the best but Ivy has stayed by their side and he thanks her for setting them straight.

Brutus says she could have just walked away when they were jerks but she didn’t, and she’s inspired them to be the old Creeds, the ones that won the tag titles, and they’re not just the best tag team—

Enter Indus Sher, flanked by Jinder Mahal.

Jinder congratulates them for becoming the Creeds again and says his brothers are sick and tired of asking for respect, so next week, with the Maharaja by their side, they’re going to take it, and they challenge the Creeds for next week.

Gigi Dolin is interviewed backstage.

She heard what Jacy said and she’s surprised but not shocked, because Jacy Jayne is a bad person, plain and simple. They are nothing alike, and sure she might be a little dark, but what is she holding? It’s a rose, and the sharp things on the stem are thorns.

Thorns can be very dangerous if you’re distracted by the petals, but they’re not hiding, and she has nothing to hide and she can’t wait to give Jacy a piece of her mind.

Wendy Choo makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get video of Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo going to a dining establishment to talk business, and specifically what Stacks’ first act as underboss should be.

We get inset video of Elektra Lopez talking to Valentina Feroz earlier, inviting her to ringside to see her match firsthand.

Elektra Lopez vs. Wendy Choo

Lopez with a big suplex early to send Choo to the floor as Feroz comes to watch the match. Going out after Wendy, throwing her pillow at her, forearm smash, back inside, float over the slam, schoolboy for two! Backslide, same deal, front kick from Elektra, whip across into a dropkick!

Overhead arm drag, Choo plants her with a superkick, crossbody denied and converted into a Bossman Slam! Choking Wendy in the ropes, elbow drop for two. Bodyscissors, pulling Choo’s hair but she fights out! Big right hands, front kick, elbow smashes, Wendy Choo is fighting mad!

Up in the corner, diving crossbody for two! Lopez pulls the brass knucks out of her trunks and wallops Choo with them...

Elektra Lopez wins by pinfall with a loaded punch.

Briggs and Jensen roll up on Fallon Henley to congratulate her on her win with Kiana James, and Brooks talks about going to “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels and getting the two of them a tag title match at Vengeance Day!

Fallon is upset because it was supposed to just be a one-time thing and she goes off to think about it.

Grayson Waller is shown arriving at the arena to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Elektra Lopez is lecturing Valentina Feroz about fighting dirty, and Feroz doesn’t think she can do it.

Stevie Turner is interviewed backstage by satellite and has some fan questions about her impending debut, which will be next week.

Grayson Waller makes his entrance with no time for games.

Yesterday he punked Bron Breakker out and had him shaking, proving he’s tougher, and where is he tonight? There’s no steel plate under his jacket, just the NXT Championship.

Breakker grabs his own title belt and storms to the ring while Waller keeps taunting him, saying Bron needs to win this match or it’ll haunt his dreams for the rest of his life.

Bron Breakker forces his way past security to make his entrance! He and Waller brawl on the floor and Grayson throws him THROUGH a barricade!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a vignette of Gallus playing snooker that really is not as cool as they definitely think it was supposed to be.

A recap of Bron Breakker getting put through the barricade follows.

Sol Ruca interrupts at the bell, demanding Alba Fyre let her be her tag team partner.

Alba Fyre & Sol Ruca vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Fyre and Carter to start, rising kick and a tag to Chance, quick sequence gets two and a tag back to Kayden. Folding press for tow, Alba with a front kick and a mat slam, putting boots to her, tag to Ruca. Split-leg stunner, Carter crashes to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ruca has a waistlock on Chance, back suplex, land on her feet, military press, again Katana slips out, goes under, enzuigiri, clear path and tags are made! Carter blasting everybody with shoulders, whip to stack ‘em up, corner body avalanche!

Double-teams on Fyre, cover for two but they can’t quite put Alba away! Whip reversed, side kick, clear the apron, gourdbuster! Tag to Sol, diving splash... KATANA BREAKS IT UP! Passing Alba to the floor, diving headscissors, Ruca goes over to see what happened and gets caught by a wheelbarrow and a superkick!

Tag to Katana...

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter win by pinfall with the neckbreaker / 450 splash combination, retaining the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Welp, we had an autosave error here so I lost my writeup of the post-match but Fallon Henley and Kiana James accepted the title match.

Cora Jade also go an interview where she was mad about Lyra Valkyria, and we cut away to the parking lot where Nikkita Lyons got hurt but doesn’t know what happened, and we went to break.

Back from commercial, Andre Chase asks Duke Hudson where the hell he was.

He cuts a fine line about yes he walked out on the match but he didn’t walk out on Chase U, because he was going right to Shawn Michaels’ office to get them put in the tag team invitational next week, and Heartbreak Man told him to go and talk to the New Day, so he did and they’re in!

Booker T is in the ring to host our NXT Women’s Championship Summit ahead of Vengeance Day and he gives Roxanne Perez a big entrance.

He offers Gigi Dolin a chance to start and she snipes at Jacy Jayne and asks for one of her bon mots about how great she is, and Jacy says she’s carryed Gigi’s ass for the last year and a half. The kick last week was an accident, but now she wishes it wasn’t. She’ll admit she’s good but she dragged Dolin to success.

Gigi says what everyone doesn’t know is that Jayne is the most insecure person she’s ever met. She wasn’t gonna bring it up but since we’re shooting, Jacy gets so nervous before her matches she has to puke in a bucket in the back and she even has one with her name on it.

Jacy says Dolin is a pathological liar, and finally Perez has had enough and yells at them both for making fun of everybody and making her life a living hell, because karma is a toxic bitch. She thought it was gonna be a handicap but it’s a real triple threat, so even though the odds are against her she’s gonna retain the title.

Gigi disagrees and says she’ll become the shortest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion, they bicker at each other and scream in each other’s faces while Roxanne looks on, before turning to her and attacking, giving us a brawl!

Booker exits stage anywhere and the Toxics put Perez through the table!

Toxic Attraction stands tall, holding the title up together.

That’s the show, folks.

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