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Bron Breakker & Grayson Waller involved in pull apart brawl at WWE Performance Center


This footage that first hit the web via an Instagram video posted by WWE trainee Alexis Lete, who was just casually talking to her followers about what she learned during suplex day at the Performance Center. Our first clue probably should have been how Lete noted that she was “finally able to record in the PC”, and at about 1:20 of her stream, a ruckus breaks out behind her.

Better footage of said ruckus then came from Grayson Waller’s Instagram.

The Australian Superstar cuts a promo on the man he’ll again challenge for the NXT title in a Steel Cage at Vengeance Day on Feb. 4. Waller heads into the training facility to have some fun with Bron Breakker. He hands the camera over to someone and starts heckling “Bland Breakker”, and when coach Norman Smiley tries to usher him out of the PC, Grayson channels Connor McGregor by chucking a few water bottles in the champ’s direction like he was Nate Diaz. That brings Breakker out of the ring for a double leg takedown and an exchange of punches. Smiley is eventually able to rally the troops and carry Waller outside...

Waller says we haven’t seen anything yet, and should tune in tomorrow night for more of him living rent-free in the champ’s head.

Does this get you more fired up for Vengeance Day?

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