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Rick Boogs’ massive comeback is near


Rick Boogs is the gift that keeps on giving. The muscleman routinely brings hilarity to social media with videos of grunting, thrusting, and getting swole in the weight room. He’s pushing more of that for the purpose of this post, but it is also relevant for wrestling reasons.

Boogs succumbed to injury at WrestleMania 38 when he suffered a quad patella tear that required surgical repair. Boogs was taken away on the pain train on April 2, 2022.

Boogs is preparing the world for his massive comeback with a little motivational music from Rocky. Getting strong now, won’t be long now, Boogs is going to fly.

Boogs is lifting with guts, power, and glory. He’s working out to be the best as the champion of the strong. Come for the visual of Boogs lifting heavy weight and walking his dogs, stay for the awesome song lyrics.

Boogs bulked up to full horsepower, so the next stage is to get striated. He’s going the distance with another montage inspired by Rocky Balboa.

If you don’t want to watch all those videos, here is the condensed version to get pumped for Boogs’ comeback.

Since Royal Rumble season is the time for surprises, be on the lookout for Boogs’ epic return on January 28. While this is no guarantee that Boogs will be there, let’s hope for the best. The world needs him.


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