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New report claims Stephanie McMahon & Triple H weren’t opposed to sale of WWE

In fact, they may have viewed it as a necessary step in getting rid of Vince McMahon.

WWE’s YouTube

One of the many items related to Vince McMahon’s return to WWE that hit our collective radar over the past week was this one:

Axios heard that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon “had opposed a sale” of WWE.

It fit in with what seems to be the prevailing narrative at this point, that Stephanie & her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque were engaged in a battle with her father for control of the company.

An update contradicts the Axios’ report, but without changing that narrative. According to Dave Meltzer’s source — described by the Wrestler Observer founder as “someone close to both”, Steph & Haitch weren’t for or against a sale of the company. The former WWE co-CEO & Chairwoman and current Chief Content Officer were “open to all possibilities.”

But given that even in “retirement” Vince maintained control of the company’s fate via the fact he owns 81% of WWE’s class B voting stock, the Levesques also knew that a sale was the only way to get out from under the elder McMahon’s thumb. As Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“From what I am told, Paul and Stephanie, they are not opposed to a sale, and they knew those Vince’s shares were an albatross, and at some point, somebody had to get rid of those shares anyway or Vince would take over.”

This saga is far from over, but from where we stand right now, it seems Stephanie & Trips were right in that assessment. Lots of questions remain, however. Will Vince actually sell? If so, will it be to a buyer that will allow him to remain a part of WWE’s management team? If not, could they bring Steph back to have a McMahon presence in the company the family is synonymous with? Can Levesque maintain control over the wrestling side of things either way?

Stay tuned.

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