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If you want a burger or a weather report from Stone Cold, give us a ‘Hell Yeah’

Wrestling fans are mostly paying attention to Steve Austin online to see how his workouts are going, and if they’ll lead to another WrestleMania match in greater Los Angeles in a few months.

But Stone Cold’s also trending today (Jan. 13) because of a couple other social media posts featuring the WWE Hall of Famer. In one, you can see a crew filming him as he serves up lunch at the drive-thru for Burger Me in Reno, Nevada.

No word why Austin’s serving non-alcoholic frosty beverages to TikTok comedians, but as with the clips & pics of Ben Affleck slinging his beloved Dunkin’ that went around earlier in the week, at this time of year I always assume “Super Bowl commercial”.

As for Austin’s trip to his local Carson Valley FOX affiliate? We’re just gonna assume he’s another in the long line of pro wrestlers who’ve always dreamed of being Brick Tamland.

That gets us fired up, even if isn’t much warmer where I am than it is in Winnemucca.

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