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Report: Tony Khan wants to buy WWE

AEW’s YouTube

Vince McMahon is back in power in WWE, and he is trying to sell the company. With a market value of around seven billion dollars, the rumored list of potential buyers includes giant companies like Comcast, Disney, Amazon, and Endeavor, among others. There’s also a rumor that Saudi Arabia “is in the hunt.” McMahon is reportedly looking to finalize a deal by the summer.

According to a new report from Barron’s, a sister publication to The Wall Street Journal, there’s one other potential buyer out there that might create the most surreal “what if” scenario of them all:

“All Elite Wrestling—the top rival to WWE, led by Tony Khan and family—is in the pool of potential buyers for WWE, a person close to the potential transaction told Barron’s, adding that the Khans will likely look for a financial partner to acquire the asset. Tony Khan’s father Shahid Khan, a co-owner of AEW, already owns the football team Jacksonville Jaguars and the English soccer club Fulham Football Club, indicating the duo have deep pockets.”

Earlier this week, Tony Khan said he is following the story of Vince McMahon’s WWE return very closely. It will be absolutely wild if the Khan family ends up as part of a group that buys WWE later this year. It’s extremely unlikely this will actually happen, of course, but pro wrestling news is batshit crazy these days, so I guess you never know.

What do you make of this one, Cagesiders? Do you think we’ll see Tony pop up on Raw in a few months announcing he just bought WWE?

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