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New Netflix show features Rey Mysterio, but apparently not his real voice

WWE is promoting its latest collaboration with Netflix, a series which premieres on Jan. 25 entitled Against The Ropes.

It’s about a mother who struggles to connect with her daughter after a stint in prison... until she dons a luchador mask and embarks on a pro wrestling career. Rey Mysterio gets a “featuring” credit (at least in WWE’s hype for the show), but we only see him briefly in the trailer. The future Hall of Famer logically seems to be playing a mentor to the mother and aspiring wrestler.

What doesn’t make a lot of sense? Why Mysterio didn’t dub his own performance in this trailer. Jump to about the 20 second mark in this Twitter video to hear someone else’s voice coming out Rey’s mouth:

It’s not like Rey can’t deliver dialogue. He does it all the time on WWE television. Perhaps this isn’t the final cut, and it’s a safe bet Mysterio doesn’t have a ton of screen time in this anyway.

Still, I bet this is all his son’s fault. Prison changes a man...

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