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Becky Lynch explains why WWE ended her heel run

During an interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Becky Lynch explained why she turned babyface after her match with Bianca Belair at SummerSlam 2022. Triple H was the driving force behind the decision, and as the new head of WWE creative, he wanted to move away from her heel status:

“He’s like, I feel like we’re swimming upstream keeping you as heel...and so then the creative was laid out and I was like, yeah, that sounds awesome. Hell yeah!”

Triple H’s logic is hard to dispute. Lynch was the biggest star in the company and headlined WrestleMania 35 with her babyface persona as “The Man” in 2019. She was then gone from WWE for over one year during her pregnancy and early months as a new mother. Upon her return to WWE in August 2021, “The Man” was scrapped in favor of the delusional glory hog “Big Time Becks” heel character. Becky did her best with the gimmick, but it was never the right fit considering how over she was as The Man. It was definitely swimming upstream.

Lynch turned babyface at SummerSlam to stand by Bianca’s side when Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY confronted the Raw women’s champion. Becky was unfortunately injured that night and will be out of action for a while, but it’s clear that she will be returning to WWE as “The Man” when she is able to compete again.

Becky followed up that answer by expressing optimism for WWE’s creative direction under Triple H:

“Yeah, it’s great. Obviously he has a great mind for it. His track record with what he’s done with women and NXT, look I’m a product of that. I got to be in that system and become who I am today.”

I guess you can add Becky to the growing list of people who are drinking Triple H’s Kool-Aid.

Are you glad that Becky Lynch’s heel run is over, Cagesiders?

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