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Wait... did Dexter Lumis kidnap The Miz AGAIN?!?!

Plus, the card for the Sept. 12 Raw.

`Look, I know there’s a lot going on. But are we all seriously collectively no-selling Dexter Lumis kidnapping The Miz for the second time in three weeks?!?!

It happened after Raw ended with Lumis somewhat lovingly choking the A-Lister out after he scared him into a spear by Bobby Lashley in this frankly very cool shot during Miz & Lashley’s steel cage match for the United States championship.

Great images aside, though, I again find myself alarmed that WWE and its fans in the arena & following along from home haven’t made a bigger deal of what happened after the show went off the air. The company even casually released a video of Dexter dragging an unconscious Miz out of the cage and carrying him up the ramp. They can say he’s just taking our massive testicle-d hero to the back, but we know a kidnapping when we see one...

Truly shocking.

Since I’m apparently the only one who cares about Lumis’ obsession with The Miz, here’s what WWE set-up for the Sept. 12 Raw from Portland, Oregon.

• Lumis’ “father-in-law” will make his debut as a full-time member of the main roster next Monday. No opponent yet for Johnny Gargano, who made his return to the company two weeks ago in Toronto.

• Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah beat Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai & IYO SKY in the finals of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament last Monday, and they’ll have to do it again next week if they want to keep the belts.

• By order of his dom Rhea Ripley, The Judgement Day’s newest member Dominik Mysterio has challenged Edge to a match. We’ll have to see if the Rated R Superstar is out of the hospital (yes, Corey Graves said “hospital”) after TJD Pillman-ized his knee last night.

Like it, you uncaring bastiches?

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