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Triple H is talking to Bad Bunny about a WWE return

During the Clash at the Castle post-event press conference, Triple H talked about how passionate some of the folks are who come in from the outside, specifically citing the likes of Bad Bunny, Pat McAfee, and Logan Paul. He loves working with stars like that not just because they are stars but because they work so hard with such passion for what they do.

After telling a story about Bad Bunny’s training while he was preparing for his WrestleMania match, he broke some news:

“A little bit of a spoiler — he and I are going to have a conversation very, very soon. It’s already scheduled. We’re going to go and see what’s available. Biggest music star in the world, so, let’s go.”

We haven’t seen him in WWE since Royal Rumble this past January, but it’s already September, which means plans are starting to get laid out for Royal Rumble on into WrestleMania next year, or at least some ideas are being kicked around. Perhaps Bad Bunny will be a part of those plans once again.

Like that idea?

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