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WWE Clash at the Castle results, live streaming match coverage

The latest WWE pay-per-view (PPV), Clash at the Castle, will be going down today (Sat., Sept. 2, 2022) from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, starting at 12:00 pm ET, live on Peacock (in the U.S.) and WWE Network (everywhere else). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Clash at the Castle below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.



You’ll never know how hard I tried to find my space and satisfy you too, so instead I’m just gonna liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a video package hyping up WWE’s first real PPV in the UK in thirty years.

Alexa Bliss, Asuka, & Bianca Belair vs. Damage Control (Bayley, Dakota Kai, & IYO SKY)

Belair and Bayley to start, cheap shots, the ring fills with all six women squaring up and Bliss starts the brawl with a right hand! Bianca with a handspring, Dakota and IYO pull her out of the ring and leave her laying! Everybody back in the ring, suplex in triplicate, handspring moonsault, triple cover from the champ... NOPE!

Bliss and SKY legal, giant step from Alexa, drop toehold, Insault to Injury connects but can’t keep her down! Bayley tags in, beating her down, working Bliss over, Asuka in to turn the tide, double-teams on the Role Model, IYO tags in and wipes the Empress out with a springboard dropkick!

Lighting her up with strikes, Matrix Evasion into a pin, arm wringer to a pumphandle kick and SKY is running hot! Working Asuka over, quick tag to Kai, to Bayley, trying to get a heat segment rolling but Asuka dumps her to the floor and tags Alexa in! Bliss dives on Bayley but a legal Dakota rumbles her with a dropkick!

Heels press the attack, working Alexa over, she gets a back elbow up but Kai blasts her with a boot for a nearfall! Asuka gets back in, running hot, the match breaks down and Bayley tags in to take care of her! Bianca finally gets the tag and tags it to Bayley, shoulder thrusts in the corner, up and over, thrust spinebuster sets up the standing moonsault... NOPE!

Dakota tags in but Bianca’s still focused on Bayley, sending Kai crashing to the floor, shoulder block blocked and Bayley hooks her braid over the turnbuckles, but Alexa and Asuka rush in and double superplex the Role Model! Bianca and Dakota brawling into the corner, Belair with the military press, swatting IYO away before hitting the fallaway slam but Kai won’t let go of the ropes!

Scorpion Kick reversed, high powerbomb from Bianca! Scorpion Kick connects this time, using Bianca’s braid against her, Bayley legal, Rose Plant, SKY hits the moonsault...

Damage CTRL win by pinfall with a lateral press from Bayley on Bianca Belair.

We get a video package for Cody Rhodes’ recovery.

Commentary points out Tyson Fury sitting behind them in the front row.

Commentary recaps the main event of SummerSlam ‘92 for us.

Bret Hart and some of Davey Boy Smith’s family are shown in the crowd.

GUNTHER (c) vs. Sheamus (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Fabian Aichner accompanies GUNTHER and Ludwig Kaiser, still billed as Giovanni Vinci but reforming the complete Imperium.

Their seconds start brawling before the bell while champion and challenger stare each other down! Pete Dunne hits an Orihara moonsault to wipe Imperium out!

We get a bell and Sheamus and GUNTHER go to town on each other with punches! The champion drops him with a boot, clubbing blows, suplex reversed! Trading shots, whip reversed, front kick, side kick, front kick, the Celtic Warrior gets the Ring General on the apron.

Beats of the Bodhran denied, blocking GUNTHER’s attempts to pull him out of the ring, taking things to the floor and Sheamus throws him hard into the steps! Back on the apron, big forearms, back inside and GUNTHER takes him in the corner for the chops!

Boots up to block, but the Ring General comes back with a hard chop that sends the Celtic Warrior to the floor! Following after, he slams Sheamus hard into the steel steps! Back inside, more chops from the champ,a vicious boot, the blood blisters rising up on the challenger’s chest!

A big boot knocks Sheamus right back down as soon as he gets up, leg pick, double leg, Boston Crab applied! Fighting back into it, boots and chops, GUNTHER just destroying him with a chop! Another huge wristlock chop, back to the floor and the champion lands a body slam!

Throwing Sheamus over the announce desk, Celtic Warrior blocks a followup by smashing him into the desk and lays the Beats of the Bodhran in! Back inside, lariat from the challenger, more Beats of the Bodhran on the apron! GUNTHER takes a breather, walking around ringside, boot up, throwing Sheamus over the barricade but he just hits another set of Beats of the Bodhran!

Back inside, nearfall off a diving knee drop, Sheamus roars! Fireman’s carry for the followup, GUNTHER slips out, forearm to the kidneys, going forearm for chop, the champion with a German suplex! Flash knee, cover... GUNTHER KICKS OUT! Drawing the Ring General up, Irish Curse blocked with elbows and GUNTHER has the sleeper hold in!

Sheamus fading but he gets back to his feet, champion tries to turn him around, he hangs on, White Noise... NOT ENOUGH! Calling for it, GUNTHER sidesteps, German suplex blocked but the shotgun dropkick connects! Powerbomb... STILL NO! Ring General up top, jockeying for position, Sheamus cuts him off, Celtic Cross position... GUNTHER WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

Looking for the Brogue Kick but his back gives out and GUNTHER hits a powerbomb! Slow to capitalize, champion with a huge lariat... IT’S OVER!

GUNTHER wins by pinfall with a lariat to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Post-match, Sheamus gets a moment to soak in the adoration of a hot UK crowd.

We get a “history of the Usos” hype reel and a tourism video for Wales.

We see UFC man Leon Edwards in the crowd.

Liv Morgan (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Armbar attempt, Morgan right with a schoolboy, victory roll, sleeper of her own, Baszler shrugs it off but Liv stays on her with a dropkick! Boot up in the corner, knucklelock, lucha armdrag blocked and Morgan falls to the floor clutching her arm! Shayna pressing the attack on the floor, putting her into the barricade, keylock applied and then she snaps the arm and falls back!

Uppercut, boot up, Morgan trying to mount a defense, big lariat from Baszler for two! Back to the keylock, Liv breaks out with right hands, German suplex and a boot from the challenger for two! Head-trap kind of an inverted keylock, Morgan breaks free, roll under a boot, big dropkick and both women are down and out!

Windmill punches from Liv, enzuigiri, whip reversed, duck a lariat, springboard Codebreaker... NOT ENOUGH! Morgan sidesteps a knee but eats a big one on the springboard... NOPE! Shayna fired up, stepping on Liv’s hand, folding it against the mat, Morgan rolls out, triangle choke, deadlift blocked with right hands, cross armbar, reversed with a folding press but Liv kicks out and keeps the hold on!

Baszler powers up and gets back to standing, stomping the bad arm repeatedly! Karelin lift, running kick... STILL NO! Drawing the champion back up, setting her up top, working the arm, Morgan slips under and grabs her wrist and yanks on it a few times! Sunset flip, folding press, Baszler gets the Kirifuda Clutch on kickout!

Liv leverages her hand away so Shayna shifts into a cross armbar! Morgan rolls to the ropes and gets the break! Back to the Kirifuda Clutch, reversed to a pin, Codebreaker...

Liv Morgan wins by pinfall with Oblivion to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Miss Linda and “Exotic” Adrian Street are shown in the crowd!

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor)

Balor and Mysterio to start, Finn with a few shots to the ribs, smashing him into the corner, Rey turns up the heat and Priest tags in! He wants Edge and he gets him! Damian with a big right hand, throwing him into the corner, laying knees in, Rey with the save on a while and the Rated-R Superstar lights Priest up!

A boot for Finn, shoulder thrust for Damian, dumping him to the floor, tag to Rey, rolling assisted splash, Priest gets the Broken Arrow and beats Mysterio up! Working Rey over, making Edge watch, but eventually a drop toehold puts Balor into the turnbuckles and opens the path!

Tag to Priest, clear the apron with a boot, denying Rey the tag and throwing him to the floor! Arguing with referee Jessika Carr, Balor takes advantage but Mysterio back body drops him into the crowd! Damian pops up on the barricade but Rey slips out and trips him hard into the barricade!

Edge finally gets the hot tag and cleans house! 619 on Finn! Diving splash from Rey... NOT ENOUGH! Finn surges, in position for Coup de Grace but Dominik runs interference long enough to let his dad make the save! Rhea Ripley beats him up but Rey dives on her to save his son!

Back inside, Balor catches him with a lariat and kicks him to the floor, off the ropes, Dom trips him up and Rey hits the dropkcik into the second! 619 connects, Edge rushes in...

Edge & Rey Mysterio win by pinfall with a spear from Edge on Finn Balor.

Post-match, Edge and the Mysterios celebrate... AND DOMINIK KICKS EDGE IN THE GENTLEMAN’S AREA!

Rey pulls his son away before he can attack the Rated-R Superstar more and tries to talk sense into his son... DOM DROPS REY WITH A LARIAT! Dominik leaves, taking his shirt off on his way to the back.

A Drew McIntyre hype reel follows.

Attendance is announced at 62,296 for today’s show.

Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Wild punches out the gates, Riddle backing Rollins into the corner, vicious kicks, struggling around the ring, knees and forearms, chest kicks in the corner and referee Rod Zapata pulls them apart! Karelin lift, rolling into another one, off the ropes and Matt drops him with a kick, a senton follows, cover for two.

Triangle choke applied, Seth deadlifts him up and powerbombs him over the ropes but Riddle reverses into a Frankensteiner to the floor! Rollins catches a knee... POWERBOMB INTO THE BARRICADE TAKES A CAMERA OPERATOR OUT! A dive follows up and puts Matt atop the announce desk!

Seth throws him back in, short-arm lariat, running hot with nearfalls, Falcon Arrow can’t do the deal! Riddle up top, Rollins crotches him and climbs up after him, jockeying for position, Matt perches and a kick leaves him hanging in the Tree of Woe!

Seth off the top with a double stomp, cover... NOPE! Suplex lift sets Riddle back up top, jockeying for position... SUPERPLEX BUT RIDDLE ROLLS THROUGH INTO A FISHERMAN BUSTER! Back and forth, flash knee from Matt, charging forearms, rolling elbow countered into an exploder suplex!

Action to the floor and back inside, front kick from Rollins, underhooks, countered... BRO 2 SLEEP! Powerbomb, roll through into the knee, cover... NOT ENOUGH! Corkscrew moonsault... THE KNEES ARE UP! Blackout blocked, standing switch, Riddle lands on his feet, flying triangle but Rollins posts to his feet!

Matt has his ankle to block the deadlift, Seth fading but he powers up and stomps Riddle’s head in! Gotch lift... NEUTRALIZER GETS ROLLINS A TWO-COUNT! Trading kicks, Pele kick, kip-up, Rollins with the rolling elbow, Death Blow, Riddle with a knee, Seth with underhooks, Pedigree... STILL NO!

Rollins jaws at Riddle, calling him a loser and bringing his family into it again, and that just gets Matt to light him up with Bati-Bati palm strikes! Out and back in and Seth nails him with a knee! Rollins hits a hanging DDT, looking for Blackout but Riddle counters with a sleeper!

Mounted punches to the back of the head, front kicks, Rollins spills to the floor and Matt smashes his face into the desk over and over! Riddle gets a steel chair from the timekeeper’s area, misses, back inside... SETH GETS BLACKOUT! Rollins draws himself up in the corner, up to the second rope...


Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with an avalanche Blackout.

A hype reel for Becky Lynch follows.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are shown in the crowd.

Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE Undisputed Universal Championship)

Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Reigns with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block and McIntyre cows Roman into hiding in the ropes! Reigns takes a long breather before returning to the ring. Right hands in the corner, Drew comes back with mounted punches and sends the champion crashing to the floor with a lariat!

Dragging Roman around the floor, somebody throws a bottle at Drew and it’s Karrion Kross! He tells Kross he’ll shove the hourglass up his ass if he wants to go and that gives Reigns a chance to recover and throw McIntyre into the post! Referee Charles Robinson counts and Drew makes it in at 9!

Roman puts boots to him, mounted punches, throwing McIntyre into the post and sending him crashing to the floor! Drew pulls himself up the apron and Reigns meets him with a couple right hands! Leaping lariat, cover for two, whip across, big boot, chops, whip reversed and McIntyre takes the turnbuckles hard!

Jockeying for position over a suplex, Reigns gives up, body blows and right hooks, stomps to the ribs, and Roman gets on the mic and demands that Cardiff acknowledge him! Big headbutt from Drew rocks him and both men are down and out in the middle of the ring!

Back on their feet, trading punches, belly-to-belly suplexes from McIntyre! Neckbreaker, kip-up, setting Roman up in the turnbuckles and climbing to join him, jockeying for position... SPIDER BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPERPLEX! Out and back in, Future Shock blocked, big slicing right from the Big Dog!

Off the ropes, Drew with a spinning spinebuster, jackknife pin... NOPE! Back and forth, Roman trying to rake the eyes and he hits a Rock Bottom... STILL NO! Superman Punch blocked, Future Shock connects, McIntyre lying in wait, counting down... SUPERMAN PUNCH COUNTERS THE CLAYMORE BUT CAN’T KEEP DREW DOWN!

Roaring, Drew counters the spear with a front kick, off the ropes, duck a lariat, spear... DREW KICKS OUT! Reigns grabs the guillotine choke, McIntyre flagging but not failing, powering up, stampeding Roman in the corner but he goes right back to the guillotine!

Drew powers up again and stampedes him again! Posting Reigns shoulder-first, sending him crashing to the floor, but McIntyre is still down and out in the ring! Drew rolls out and spears Roman through the barricade! Back inside, ready for the Claymore... THE SPEAR COUNTERS THIS TIME BUT AGAIN DREW MCINTYRE KICKS OUT!

Reigns back to his feet, arguing with referee Charles Robinson over the count, Drew recovers, Roman grabs Robinson by the lapel... CLAYMORE TO THE BACK AND CHARLES FALLS TO THE FLOOR!

AUSTIN THEORY IS HERE WITH REFEREE DAN ENGLER AND HE WANTS TO CASH IN, BUT TYSON FURY KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH ONE PUNCH! Roman has a chair, Drew hits the Claymore through it, Engler slides in to take over... ROMAN REIGNS KICKS OUT! McIntyre slowly pulling Roman up, trading punches on their knees and to their feet.

Both men running so low, refusing to stop throwing, staggered and stumbling, Superman Punch, headbutt, duck a lariat, spear from Drew! Countdown, Claymore... SOLO SIKOA YANKS DAN ENGLER OUT OF THE RING! McIntyre goes after him, Roman is ready, Charles Robinson is back up...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with the spear to retain the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Post-match, Tyson Fury gets in the ring with Roman and stares him down.

They shake hands and Reigns leaves with Solo Sikoa.

Tyson Fury helps Drew McIntyre to his feet and raises his hand.

He gets on the mic and tells Drew that all these people came to see him and he’s done his country and his people proud. It was a hell of a fight and he should be proud. At times like this, he can only think of one thing, and he starts singing American Pie for some reason.

He gets to the chorus and bids Drew and the crowd to join in, and they do, and then McIntyre gets on the mic and says he’s not giving up on the title. Drew moves on to singing a few bars of Oasis before saying he’ll never give up.

That’s the show, folks.

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