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Goldberg says his days as a pro wrestler ‘are not over with’

This month marks 25 years since Bill Goldberg won his debut match on WCW Monday Nitro. The man himself appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week to celebrate his career in pro wrestling.

Goldberg hasn’t wrestled since he was choked out by Roman Reigns earlier this year at Elimination Chamber 2022 in Saudi Arabia. When he was asked what it will take to put an end to Roman’s current lengthy run as WWE Universal champion, Goldberg expressed confidence that he is still super awesome enough to beat today’s top guy:

“Well I don’t have any matches left on my contract, but I know one way we could take care of him. I do need to give him a little receipt for that little choke out in Saudi Arabia.”

Sticking in kayfabe, Goldberg said he thinks there are a few wrestlers on the WWE roster who can beat Roman in a fair match with no outside interference.

“But I think there are a number of superstars that are capable of dethroning him. Most definitely. It’s got to be the right time, the right place, and it has to be one-on-one. And that’s tough, because nowadays with the Usos, I mean he’s got a built-in bodyguard system working out pretty well for him.”

Goldberg names one specific wrestler who can conquer the Tribal Chief, even though we’ve seen Roman beat this guy three separate times during the course of the last year:

“I think Brock [Lesnar] most definitely has the opportunity to do it when he comes back. But like I said, I think there are a number of people on the card right now, on both shows, that have the potential to beat him. But everything’s got to fall into’s gonna take that special person to come out and dethrone him.”

Moving on, Goldberg made it clear that he’s not done with pro wrestling even though there are no matches left on his WWE contract:

“I will be forever grateful [to wrestling fans] for the rest of my days. And my days aren’t done yet. My days may be numbered, but my days are not over with yet. I’ve got a monstrous garage and gym being built right behind me that’ll be done in about a month, and if you think I’m not gonna be living in there the rest of my life preparing for what’s next, you’re crazy.”

WWE happens to have another Saudi Arabia show coming up in November, and plenty more from 2023 through 2027. Is there any wrestler out there who you’d still like to watch get it on with Goldberg in the squared circle, Cagesiders?

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