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Kayla Braxton has a correct opinion about Sami Zayn

During the late, great Talking Smack’s second heyday during WWE’s ThunderDome era, Kayla Braxton has a pretty rocky relationship with her sometimes co-host Sami Zayn*.

But you always sensed theirs was a sibling-like relationship, and there was love underneath the bickering. Now that they don’t have to duel on an adored-but-little watched post-show anymore (and because Kayla wouldn’t dare disrespect the Honorary Uce now that The Bloodline — or 34 of it — has his back), Braxton is able to share her appreciation for Sami.

Talking to Ryan Satin on FOX Sports’ Out of Character podcast, she revealed that she has the same opinion of Zayn that so many of us do these days:

“Sami Zayn is the most entertaining character we have on television every single week. I tell him that, he’s hilarious. If y’all didn’t catch SmackDown this past Friday with the Usos, with Lil Uce in the ring — I mean everything that he does, if you watch Sami Zayn, and I watch him backstage getting ready for his stuff. I’ve never seen anyone — I mean everyone is very passionate and does a lot of hard work, but Sami is just a whole different breed of entertainer. You can tell how much he cares, and is passionate.

“Doing interviews with him is so much fun because we can riff off of each other and figure out what way the audience will perceive it. That man is brilliant... He has a very different mind. It’s just really fun to watch him just kind of break down something, and create this magic. A lot of it’s his brainchild... This week was one of my favorite moments, I had to find him after. I’m like, ‘You in there trying to get a hug, and you just get a pat on the back...’ Every little facial expression and movement is so perfect.”

Now I’m going to imagine Braxton running up to Zayn after he walks through Gorilla ever week and acting like Chris Farley in his old “The Chris Farley Show” sketches... “Remember when you told Solo Sikoa you were just about to beat up Ricochet & Madcap Moss yourself? That was awesome.”

Anyway, now you know Kayla is one of us — a Sami Zayn appreciator.

* Seriously, if you’ve never seen Kayla’s Sami impersonation, go watch it — or at least read our post about it — right now.

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