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WWE’s latest ‘White Rabbit’ video has clues for Bray Wyatt... and plenty more

Heading into the Sept. 26 episode of Raw, there was a lot of momentum behind the idea WWE’s various “White Rabbit” teases were for Edge. His last return was heralded by ominous videos, and several clues* seemed to reference the Hall of Famer’s program with The Judgement Day.

But the Rated R Superstar returned last night, and we got a new “White Rabbit” link to chase down. So we’re all back on the Bray Wyatt hype train now, right?


We got another QR code on Raw. Unlike the two we got last week, this one didn’t go to a page. It went to a TikTok account with the handle _comewithme (if the below embed doesn’t show up for you, WWE did put in on their website here).

The video features prominent wrestlers from WWE and ECW’s past, with clips of past promos edited together so they’re saying “Who killed the world? You did. Feed your head.”

Conversation about this seems to be focused on...

• Speculation the inclusion of ECW footage means whoever’s behind the “White Rabbit” hype will show up in Philadelphia for Extreme Rules next Saturday night (Oct. 8).

• The numbers displayed at the end, 40701, are the postal code for Corbin, Kentucky. WWE runs shows in Corbin, including one where The Fiend defending the Universal title against The Miz on Jan. 12, 2020.

• Corbin is also the home of Devil’s Creek Road. Googling that will bring up some spooky stories, including one about the terrifyingly named Wolf Pit Church & Cemetery that was allegedly run by Satanists.

• There’s also a White Rabbit Records in Corbin, and a Wyndham hotel. UPDATE: White Rabbit Records is in on the fun, posting a video on their YouTube channel that points to Windham, Maine. They’re also proving they belong in the business, with a QR code on their Instagram that encourages you to buy the store’s merch.

• Before he debuted The Fiend gimmick in 2019, Bray Wyatt closed out 2018 wrestling Baron Corbin on house shows.

• The coordinates listed with the video are for a location in northwest Italy where in 2005 a Viennese art collective constructed a giant pink rabbit on a hill named Colletto Fava. The knitted stuffed animal decomposed by 2016, but its outline remains.

• The URL for the video on starts with “930YWG”. This week’s SmackDown is on Sept. 30. It takes place in Winnipeg, where the code for Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is “YWG”.

• The source code on the website includes the opening lines of Aleister/Malakai Black’s old WWE theme song:

Bray still seems like the safe bet. But if you’re just tapping out because you’re getting flashbacks to trying to decipher Lost mysteries back in 2005... we get it.

* In addition to the “demon” one from the first video we discussed here, the hangman figure was also missing his left leg, which is the leg The Judgement Day targeted in their recent attack on Edge. Last Friday’s video included the word “Patricide” at the center of the maze, and new TJD member Dominik Mysterio is trying to kill his dad these days.

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