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Otis rules

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin Theory is backstage with Alpha Academy going over what went wrong in their match against Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano. Chad Gable blames Braun Strowman for Otis not being on his game, calling him names in the process.

Naturally, Theory’s phone rings and it’s Strowman himself, who called to set up a showdown for next week and make a few threats.

Which, fine, whatever. What I’m here for is how great Otis is just hanging out in the background, reacting to everything. Just watch the segment but keep your eyes on Otis:

The way he violently turns his head to look at Theory and Gable, the way he manages to make you understand how he’s feeling both without speaking AND while not really making any changes to his hilarious looking face.

I love this guy. He’s a relic of the 80s, in so many ways, and I just adore everything about him.


Anyway, here are all the videos from Monday Night Raw this week:

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