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Cody Rhodes has the strength of an 11-year-old

TMZ caught up with Cody Rhodes recently and asked about how things have been going since his return to WWE. He, of course, had nothing but glowing things to say in that regard:

“They’ve treated me like the house that built me, which they were. And honestly, it was amazing. We were back, and everything was rolling so fast. And then I tore my pec. It was like the best three months of my life. Hopefully, I’ll get back to that soon.”

Regarding his pec injury and the progress he’s made rehabbing it:

“I was told I’ve got the strength of an 11-year-old. But I was pretty strong at 11, so. Hopefully soon.”

About a timeline for a return:

“You know what, they haven’t really given me one because they know I’m stupid, and I’d try to test it. I got in my mind where I want to be, and I think a lot of fans have in their mind where I’d like to be, and that’s hopefully where it’s at.”

He goes on to say that he’s hoping to have a run people will remember and to do that he’s going to have to be healthy for it. At least for now, they’re going to be playing it safe, from the sounds of it.

And, hey, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he made yet another special return early next year. Hey, isn’t there a big even around the end of January that sets up WrestleMania?

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