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Liv Morgan is trying

Liv Morgan spent much of her time in WWE working in tag teams or a group, which meant they never had to spend a lot of time giving her character a lot of depth. This is not a bad thing. It’s just how it tends to be when you’re a cog in a wheel.

Now that she’s a singles star, it’s not so simple. The light shining on you and you alone reveals all.

In Morgan’s case, her cheerful nature has been something of a detriment. She’s got plenty of charm to go around, and it’s hard not to appreciate how much you can tell she loves doing this. But it also means she’s smiling when she maybe shouldn’t be, and, like it or not, it’s not as easy to take her seriously.

That’s what she’s been up against with Ronda Rousey, with pretty much the entirety of their feud being a microcosm of that. Rousey doesn’t respect her skill nor does she regard her as a threat, and Morgan must prove that she is exactly that. To everyone else, she must prove she’s more than how grateful she is to be here.

Here she is trying to get all of that across in her latest interview after this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where she defeated Lacey Evans and put her through a table after:

“Why don’t you go ask Lacey Evans (if I can get extreme)? Oh, but you can’t because she’s in medical after finding out just how extreme I can be. Ronda made it very clear to me last week that she doesn’t respect me. But after tonight I made sure Lacey Evans does. At Extreme Rules, Ronda will too. Watch me.”

Are you buying it?

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