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WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Sept. 23, 2022): Honorary Uce

I am but a simple man, folks. I find it necessary to point out how grateful I am that WWE actually bothered to give an explanation as to why Solo Sikoa came up to the main roster to join The Bloodline. They did so on Friday Night SmackDown this week, with Paul Heyman explaining that the elders of the Samoan Dynasty sent him to assist the family in the face of many conspiracies.

Reigns, in a show of dominance, established as much by demanding that Solo acknowledge him.

He did.

It was a moment.

Naturally, Sami Zayn interrupted the end of this to say a few words. He, too, wanted to publicly acknowledge The Tribal Chief. He did so but was met only with scorn. Reigns rebuked him in the strongest possible terms, demanding he take the Bloodline shirt off and when he wouldn’t, ordering Jey to rip it off his back.

“You ain’t ever going to wear that shirt again … because I got you a new one.”

Reigns threw him a shirt that read “HONORARY UCE” and everyone — except for Jey Uso — celebrated. Sami acknowledged him once more and finished with a hug, one Reigns laughed at but reciprocated with a tap to Sami’s back.

It might as well have been the world.

It isn’t quite the right time to do the breakup, and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief they didn’t do it like this. That they aren’t rushing this and taking the time to tell the story right is every reason fans are excited about Triple H being in charge of creative. It doesn’t mean the end result will be a hit but they’re earning a lot of points with how they’re going about this.

Ah, what the hell am I saying, Sami Zayn will make damn sure it’s a hit.

Later, Madcap Moss and Ricochet were having a go at Zayn, calling him out and belittling his position in The Bloodline, when Sikoa showed up from nowhere and laid in a brutal beatdown on both. It looked stiff as hell, exactly the kind of aggression you’d hope for from everyone but works especially well considering how he’s been introduced here as the muscle for the group. They did a hell of a job of getting him over here.

This whole story has been fantastic.

The show closed with The Usos retaining their tag team titles — Imperium kept their issue going with the Brawling Brutes to assist them — and Solo & Sami stood tall alongside Jimmy & Jey.

The Bloodline is all.

All the rest
  • Liv Morgan, the current SmackDown women’s champion, was given half a TV entrance on this show, for what that’s worth. Then she worked a somewhat sloppy match against Lacey Evans but one that told a story, notably how she can indeed get extreme to win a match. After, she laid into Evans with a kendo stick to further prove her point. The fans were behind her for this, and then they were REALLY behind her when she pulled out a table, and then they went bonkers for her for coming off the top rope to put Evans through that table. This was pretty damn good.
  • The Maximum Male Models lost to The New Day and Max Dupri got good and pissed off about it, close yelling at everyone and throwing his blazer all about. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hopped a jet straight to LA!
  • That Braun Strowman vs. Otis match was way better than it had any business being. I’ve long been a big Otis supporter but BigHuge McBiggerShoes was maybe even more impressive. They haven’t asked much of him just yet but for what they have asked, he’s delivered.
  • Drew McIntyre challenged Karrion Kross to a Strap match at Extreme Rules, good and fed up with getting attacked from behind. He was immediately attacked from behind by Karrion Kross. Scarlett used a fireball to help Kross get the advantage and we’re to understand there’s no reason to think she won’t do so anytime necessary moving forward. It’s worth noting they didn’t use the noir filter for Kross during all this.
  • Raquel Rodriguez defeated Dakota Kai thanks to Shotzi showing up to help fend off Damage CTRL. It certainly appears as though Aliyah has been phased out and Shotzi has been phased in. Feel how you will about that decision.
  • Hit Row partied it up with The Street Profits backstage — among others — and they had some fun. It was ultimately a set up for Los Lotharios to attack Top Dolla and set up a future match. I kind of love the idea that the locker room is just one big get together for the roster and anyone who isn’t booked on the show but made the city gets to have a good time for doing so. Let me live in that belief, please.

Another good show from the blue brand.

Grade: B

Your turn!

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