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Apollo Crews cries blood, Grayson Waller loses match

Grayson Waller was wrestling Oro Mensah on NXT television this week, and it was a big match. That wasn’t just because it was the latter’s debut. No, the winner would earn entry into the North American championship ladder match scheduled for the Halloween Havoc Premium Live Event on Sat., Oct. 22, 2022.

It was going swimmingly for Waller until he turned around and ran right into this visual:


“What the…”

That was the only reaction commentary could come up with for Apollo Crews standing right there with blood coming from just one of his eyes. Waller, equally dumbfounded, couldn’t avoid a big dive from Mensah and a follow up spinning heel kick was enough to finish the job.

Sometimes that’s all it takes folks. A spinning heel kick and a guy bleeding from one of his eyes.

Anyway, here are all the highlights from NXT this week:

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