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Raw’s new ‘White Rabbit’ clue points to this Friday’s SmackDown

With their new “White Rabbit” angle, WWE’s offering some catnip to the more dedicated (some might even call us obsessive) cats and kittens in its audience.

The Jefferson Airplane classic played at multiple non-televised moments on their shows over the past several days, with red light filling the arena towards the song’s end — something Triple H’s team knew would be posted, shared & discussed. That got Bray Wyatt’s name trending, and Karrion Kross tagged in many a tweet.

It continued on the Sept. 19 edition of Raw, with the song again playing for fans in San Jose, California. Fans with phones and social media accounts, of course.

Then it was time for those of us watching at home to get in on the fun. As he was walking backstage before his match with Kevin Owens, a QR code with the words “Come With Me” written above it could be seen behind Austin Theory. The same code was also on a sign someone carried through the crowd opposite the hard camera during the Street Profits vs. Brawling Brutes bout later in the show.

Scanning that bad boy takes you to this link, which gives us a video of a game of Hangman that’s just rife with clues — none bigger than the closing images of “9.23” and “9:23”.

It seems we should expect... something... on SmackDown this Friday (Sept. 23). At 9:23pm, presumably. But what? The clues are kind of all over the place:

• The white rabbit is obviously a recurring motive, but no one can decide if that points to Wyatt, Kross, both Wyatt & Kross, The Judgement Day, or something else entirely.

• The first five letters selected in the Hangman video spell out “D-E-M-O-N”. A possible reference to the Finn Bálor persona we haven’t seen since Extreme Rules last year when he faced Roman Reigns and was at one point “brought back to life” by a pulsing sounds and a flashing red light.

• Time in the game is kept via an hourglass (Karrion Kross’ main symbol) with a red circle around it (iconography Bray Wyatt has been using during his time away from WWE).

• A Google search of “Who killed the world?” points out the phrase was uttered twice in Mad Max: Fury Road, the latest entry in the classic apocalyptic action franchise.

There’s also this: Redditor “GentlemensBastard” has a theory that’s getting a lot of play online. It stems from two Bray Wyatt tweets from the Fourth of July...

Searching for Self, Arkansas and The Devil’s Hole took them down a rabbit hole(!) to a message board post from 2004. The Underground Ozarks entry describes the unincorporated town of Self, a legend about the nearby Devil’s Hole cave being the home of a giant lizard that ate a local who tried to explore the cave, and a similar cave in Missouri where an explorer survived but was driven mad by what he saw.

The kicker to this is that the forum moderator’s handle is... White Rabbit.

What in the wide, wide world of sports and entertainment is going on here?

We should find out more on Friday...

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