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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 20, 2022): #1 contender’s match

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what’s been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight from the WWE Performance Center: Tyler Bate & JD McDonagh square off to see who gets another shot at NXT champ Bron Breakker! Plus, Nathan Frazier tries to even up his best of three series with Axion, Cora Jade takes on Wendy Choo, big meaty men bump meat when Sanga steps in the ring with Von Wagner, Toxic Attraction locks up with Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley, and more!

SPOILERS for this pre-taped episode are out there, including here. If you’d like to discuss them, please either do so in the SPOILER post, or use the SPOILER tag.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Jaundiced yellow light is flashing, hanging above Church and Main. On the wind her perfume lingers, likewise her Christian name. Fields of night hang close above her, the family lie in a dreamless sleep. Frost grows on the windowpanes and the wind spins circles in the empty street, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of last week’s main event.

We get footage of Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes meeting with “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels.

HBM says the results of the NXT North American Championship title match from last week can’t stand because the match wasn’t officially sanctioned, and Sikoa will have to relinquish the title. Michaels wishes him the best of luck on SmackDown and he leaves.

Melo asks for the title back and Shawn says he tried a dirty thing so he’s not just getting the title back— at Halloween Havoc, he’ll have a chance to compete for the NXT North American Championship in a five-man ladder match.

Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer (Best of 3 Series Match 2)

Fast-paced in the feeling out, trading pinning predicaments to no avail! Frazer with a headlock, shot off, shoulder block, big lariat, cover for two! Grinding Axiom down with a headscissors, he comes off the top with a crossbody and Nathan cuts him out of the air with a dropkick that sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Frazer has a waistlock in, trying to grind him down, Axiom fights out, octopus, blocked, Nathan with a Cobra Twist and Axiom hip tosses his way out of it! Whip across, slingshot Hot Shot, springboard lariat connects... NOPE! Kick in the corner, jockeying for position, avalanche hip toss from Axiom... STILL NO!

Axiom counters a dive into a sleeper hold, Frazer gets to his feet so he switches to a guillotine choke, shift to an omoplata and Nathan gets the ropes to break the hold! Up top, Frazer with a superplex rolled through into a Final Cut, up top again...

Nathan Frazer wins by pinfall with a Phoenix Splash, evening the series up 1-1 and ensuring a rubber match.

We get an Alba Fyre vignette about how she’s coming for Mandy Rose’s NXT Women’s Championship.

Toxic Attraction make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a Damon Kemp vignette about him costing the Creed Brothers the tag titles. He admits that he’s been on the take from Tony D’Angelo and says he’ll fight either Creed one-on-one any time, as long as the other is in the locker room.

Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are in the locker room getting ready, Tatum urges Ivy to be focused, and she says she is.

Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs. Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne)

Paxley and Dolin to start, Gigi takes control and tags Jayne in to work her over. Whip reversed, big back elbow, Jacy tags back out, short whip into a boot and a nearfall! Tatum gets away and tags Nile in, Jayne back in as well, Ivy throwing right hands and kicks, enzuigiri staggers Jacy!

Running kick, pressing the attack, Paxley tries for the save but she’s too late...

Toxic Attraction win by pinfall on Ivy Nile.

We see the Schism walking outside to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we see Tyler Bate and JD McDonagh arriving at the arena.

The Schism are in the ring and get on the mic.

They say that the time has come to pick a side, and they’ll no longer turn the other cheek, and if you’re not sitting in the shade under their tree, you’ve been warned. But to the those enlightened few who choose to walk alongside them to break the status quo, you have nothing to fear.

They’ll never abandon you, they’ll hold you tighter in their arms. Joe Gacy says whether you accept them or not, you’ll see the world through their eyes, and he’s been more than patient with Cameron Grimes. He’s tried reason and compassion, but this world only responds to a firm hand.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade come down and attack the Schism, laying them out!

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. the Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler)

Fowler and Blade to start, Malik with an initial rally but Rip takes control with a wristlock. Tag to Enofe, leaping lariat for two! Holding his own, tag to Blade, diving crossbody takes them both out and then he throws a tope con giro on the Dyad and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Blade with right hands to Reid, whip reversed, blind tag to Fowler and Malik gets dumped to the floor! The Schism hug and the Dyad go back to working Blade over, he goes up and over and tags Enofe in! Spinning bulldog, running hot, Rip hits a jawbreaker but Malik is back in, assisted leg lariat... NOPE!

Fowler nearly takes it, Jagger with a step-up rolling lungblower, following it up...

The Dyad win by pinfall with Ticket to Mayhem on Edris Enofe.

We get a recap of “Super Diva” Quincy Elliott’s debut from last week and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Roxanne Perez gets a promo talking about her match against Meiko Satomura a couple weeks ago and says the next time she meets Cora Jade, she’s going to fight a tougher, more determined Roxanne Perez.

Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

Choo with a side headlock, reversed with a headscissors, to the floor, she goes for a baseball slide but Jade cuts her off and comes back in with a stomp! Hard whip, cover for two, Cora moves into a Japanese stranglehold. Slinging her off, right hand to the breadbasket, a kick, a lariat!

Whip across, overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Waistlock, German suplex connects! Jade gets an opening...

Cora Jade wins by pinfall with a DDT.

Post-match, Lash Legend slides into the ring and lays Choo out with a boot!

Bron Breakker is interviewed backstage.

He thanks the NXT Universe for voting him Superstar of the Year and says Tyler Bate has speed, agility, and power, whereas JD McDonagh can pick a body part and take you apart. Forced to pick, he has Tyler Bate winning because he can’t wait to run that match back.

Trick Williams gives Carmelo Hayes a pep talk backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for Oro Mensah.

Oro is interviewed backstage.

He says he came to NXT to face the best, and Grayson Waller is one of them. He says Oro means gold, and he’s from Ghana, the land of gold, and he’s going to qualify for the ladder match tonight.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams get in the ring and on the mic.

Hayes says title or no title he’s one of the biggest stars in NXT, and what happened last week only proves it, and he wants the person who played the music, who ringed the bell, and he wants the referee that counted three to lose their jobs right now.

He doesn’t care what Bloodline Solo comes from, this is his house, and no matter how you flip it, he’s still the A Champion.

Enter Andre Chase, flanked by Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail.

He says he saw what happened last week and he thinks we’ve got a— Hayes yells at him to stop, saying now’s not the time. Chase plows ahead but Trick cuts him off this time. Andre goes for it once more and says it’s a teachable moment and decks Hayes iwth a right hand!

Carmelo bails and takes his shirt off, a referee slides in and Trick is game to fight!

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Chase U (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward)

Chase with a hip toss, Carmelo’s in so I guess this is actually a tag, big chops, tag to Bodhi and they lay Melo out with elbows! Williams in, getting worked over, chops for right hands, side Russian legsweep from Andre and he’s fired up! C-H-A-S-E-U stomps, tag to Hayward!

Bodhi gets Trick in the Argentine backbreaker rack but Hayes tags in blind! Springboard lariat, Chase tags in, big slam, he goes up top, cut off, Carmelo in, pump kick, side press... CHASE DID IT!

Chase U win by pinfall with a side press from Andre Chase on Carmelo Hayes.

We see Sanga and Von Wagner walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Briggs and Jensen (and Henley) confront Gallus backstage.

Gallus are playing cards and the American boys want in, they bicker, security separates them.

Sanga vs. Von Wagner

Circling, punches and kicks, Sanga reverses a whip but runs into a back elbow! Big lariat from the big Indian, Wagner slips out of a slam and corners him with body blows! Sanga blocks punches and throws his own, knocking Wagner out of the ring! Following out after him, big lariat, Stone dives into a goozle but Von saves his buddy!

Putting Sanga into the post, throwing him back inside, Wagner off the ropes, big boot, fireman’s carry...

Von Wagner wins by pinfall with his fireman’s carry neckbreaker.

We get a Wes Lee vignette where he talks about being cleared for action and ready to fight and qualify for the ladder match. He was given the option to get a bye into the match but he doesn’t roll like that.

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo is interviewed backstage.

He mocks Wes for not taking the bye and says next week Tony D’Angelo’s gonna wipe him out in his qualifying match.

Grayson Waller makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a promo from Cameron Grimes.

He says Joe Gacy preaches about peace and compassion but next week he won’t find any of that, because he’s going to the moon.

Grayson Waller vs. Oro Mensah (NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifying Match)

Waller pops Mensah in the jaw, whip, drop down, hammerlock lariat! Wristlock, Oro rolls through, Grayson reverses to an armbar! Mensah out, hammering Waller with forearms into the corner, big knee, off the ropes, pump kick dodged, electric chair drop connects!

A handful of Oro’s hair, driving his knee into his back repeatedly, Grayson goves for a cover, only two! Stepping on the side of Mensah’s neck, whip across, duck a lariat, sunset flip blocked, elbow drop across the back of his neck and then raining forearms down on his shoulders!

Mensah stays fighting, hammer and anvil elbows from Waller can’t keep him down! Fireman’s carry, Oro slips out, more forearms, Grayson with a front kick and a whip. Duck a lariat, flying forearms, Mensah’s whip is reversed but he lands a picture perfect quebrada! Pumphandle denied, kick blocked but he rolls through into a rolling koppo kick!

Hanging Oro’s neck over the top rope, Waller charges but stops short when Apollo Crews appears out of nowhere! Mensah with a dive, throwing Grayson back in, lining him up...

Oro Mensah wins by pinfall with a spinning wheel kick, qualifying for the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc.

Post-match we see that Apollo Crews is crying blood?!

We go backstage with the Creed Brothers, who are arguing over who gets to fight Damon Kemp when Julius gives in and lets Brutus have him as long as he promises to end his career.

Bron Breakker makes his entrance with Landon “the Conqueror” Chase, one of the Connor’s Cure kids, and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get another Sol Ruca vignette, promising that we’ll see her next week.

Commentary hypes up next week’s card.

JD McDonagh vs. Tyler Bate (NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Collar and elbow, McDonagh with a wristlock, Bate tries to roll through but JD takes him right back down! Schoolboy from Tyler, crossbody, armbar, kick out! Whip across, knee lift, Bate diving uppercut, airplane spin, trading pins, Bate with an electric chair, spin out victory roll... NOPE!

A little more back and forth and we go to break.

Back from commercial, McDonagh has a Boston Crab in! Shifting to wrist clutch kicks to the head, Bate digs in and blocks, hard whip sends JD over the ropes and to the floor! Off the ropes, big tope from the Big Strong Boy! Big exploder suplex back inside, running shooting star press... SO CLOSE!

Wrist clutch toe kicks, uppercuts, sidestep the charge, Argentine backbreaker rack, flip into a fireman’s carry, airplane spin! Whip into the corner, Flair flip, low-bridge sends Bate crashing to the floor! Penalty kick off the apron, dive follows it up! Throwing Tyler back inside, 450 splash... NOPE!

Brainbuster follows... STILL NO! Tyler throwing jabs, trading punches with abandon, JD staggered but he fights out of the underhooks! Off the ropes, rebouned lariat reversed into a Spanish Fly but Bate gets a desperate jab and both men are down and out! Up top, McDonagh cuts him off, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE SPANISH FLY!

JD yanks him up...

JD McDonagh wins by pinfall with the Saito suplex to become #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh stare each other down in the ring...


He squares up to Bron, McDonagh gets in his face, Breakker holds the title high!

That’s the show, folks.

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