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GUNTHER really got himself into incredible shape, huh?

You know, there was something really charming about the fact that, a couple years ago, WALTER was a chubby dude who would chop you to death and beat you into submission anyway. It was good to have someone who looked like him doing his thing in the pro wrestling world.

That said, you can’t fault the guy for putting himself in a better position to succeed on the grandest stage with the biggest company in the industry by getting himself into tip top shape. And I’ll be damned if this man didn’t do just that:

I’m not praising the look, because there ain’t a damn thing wrong with how he looked before all this, but rather the incredible drive and determination it took for him to achieve that look. That’s the kind of work ethic that shows someone like, say, Triple H he’s worth investing in.

Logan Paul may be leveraging his gigantic social media following to get a title shot against Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia now, but GUNTHER will have his day soon enough.

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