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Extreme Rules’ Extreme Rules match actually makes sense

SmackDown Women’s champion Liv Morgan will tell anyone listening that she’s the only person on the planet to beat the Baddest Woman on the Planet™ twice. That includes Ronda Rousey, the aforementioned Baddest Woman on the Planet™.

Eventually, you’d think this would be a problem for the champ. Ronda’s proven to be a problem for everyone else she’s faced in the scripted world of sports entertainment (and, for most of her martial arts career, everyone she faced in the non-scripted world of sports entertainment, too). But Liv keeps poking the bear, even though her wins haven’t been the fairest or cleanest.

Her latest? Last night (Sept. 16) on SmackDown, she made Rousey/Morgan III an Extreme Rules match.

It makes sense, as Liv continues striving to prove to Ronda and all doubters — a group she might even be a part of, deep down — that she belongs in the main event. And of course, Rowdy would accept. She’s confident she can beat Morgan, and the stip allows her to do any & everything necessary to avenge those two losses without fear of disqualification or the fines she’s been incurring while beating up WWE officials.

Their championship tilt is the only match announced for Oct. 8 in Philadelphia, but it’s nice to make sure something with an appropriate stipulation is booked. And hey, the SmackDown Women’s title program actually built to a hardcore match logically... which is more than we can say for a lot of big matches at past Extreme Rules, or Hell in a Cell, or TLC PPVs PLEs.

Like how we’re gonna get extreme next month in the birthplace of extreme?

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