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MJF rips Sheamus apart on Twitter

Sheamus landed at number 126 in this year’s PWI 500 rankings, despite the general fan consensus that he has been killing it in the ring for a while now.

The Celtic Warrior had fun with it on Twitter, first dismissing the PWI 500 as a ranking of sports entertainers:

The Brawling Brute then revealed the Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022, where he shines the brightest:

Happy Corbin wasn’t feeling it and let Sheamus know it was kind of pathetic, so Sheamus revealed that Corbin only ranked in 126th place on the Banger Index. That led to Corbin making a reference to wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer:

Sheamus followed up with a comment about scarves, which Corbin took as a shot at his Twitter buddy, AEW wrestler MJF.

MJF chimed in by saying Sheamus was sad, to which the big fella replied by suggesting he was actually talking about Chris Jericho. MJF wasn’t buying it.

Sheamus replied with a popular Conor McGregor meme putting down MJF’s level of fame, and that set MJF off. He came back with the following scathing attack on Sheamus:

Do you think this is all in good fun still, Cagesiders, or did MJF just become a jabronie mark without a life that don’t know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot, marks?

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