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Triple H invites Logan Paul to SmackDown to handle his beef with Roman Reigns (Updated)

UPDATE: WWE has made it official; Logan Paul accepted Triple H’s invitation and will bring his “Media Megastar energy” to SmackDown, whatever that means. It sounds kind of dirty.

The original story is below this line.

Earlier today we covered Logan Paul’s claim that he can win a match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The idea of a match between Reigns and Paul is a fun thing to think about for some fans, for others it’s a hard pass, and for even more it’s impossible to take seriously.

Regardless of how you feel about it, Paul’s implied challenge to Reigns now looks like a planned angle that will continue to play out on WWE television tomorrow night. That’s because Triple H has invited the YouTube star to appear on the Sept. 16 episode of SmackDown:

Roman Reigns ordered Paul Heyman to handle this issue on his behalf, so it’s very possible the part-time champ won’t be in the building tomorrow night for whatever segment is in the works. But Heyman has been off television ever since Brock Lesnar destroyed him at SummerSlam in July, so his return would be kind of a big deal too.

The rumor mill suggests that Roman isn’t booked for Extreme Rules in October; his next big match for WWE will instead take place in Saudi Arabia in November, and his opponent won’t be Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins. Perhaps Reigns vs. Paul will be the main event of that Saudi card?

How seriously are you taking this match now, Cagesiders?

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