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Hank 3:16

When you watch a promotion designed to function as a developmental wing for a much larger promotion, you can sometimes get a little too focused on who is ready to move up and when that may be. When you do, you end up missing some fun underneath acts like may or may not ever go anywhere but are fun for as long as you allow them to be.

Such is the case with Hank Walker.

For starters, that’s a fantastic name, and Hank Walker looks exactly like you would expect Hank Walker to look. He’s a security guard who ran afoul of Javier Bernal, and after calling Big Body Javy a “prick” last week, the two were scheduled for an actual match on NXT 2.0 this week.

Look at my man here:

He doesn’t even have ring gear! He just went out there in street clothes, your every day working man, here to kick the ass of this guy who disrespected him while he was just trying to do his job. Someone even had a “Hank 3:16” sign.

Wouldn’t you know it, Big Hank the security guy got the job done.

And got a new job out of it!

Hank 3:16 says I just secured your ass.

Or something like that.

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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