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Seth Rollins gets a title shot next Monday on Raw

WWE’s teased the possibility of Seth Rollins getting another shot at Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns on a couple of occasions recently. They had him hint at it the opening segment of Raw last night (Sept. 12), as a matter of fact.

But the latest rumors indicate that match wouldn’t be until Survivor Series at the earliest, so what’s a Visionary to do with his next few months?

After the United States champion didn’t take kindly to Rollins calling himself the “face of Raw”, Seth’s next move will be to challenge Bobby Lashley for the red, white & blue belt.

Not really expecting this to be a long-term feud. Seth made a compelling case that his issues with Matt Riddle should be over after he beat Bro at Clash at the Castle and stomped him again on Raw, but Riddle isn’t going to let Rollins have the last laugh.

Will he crash next week’s U.S. title match? Hopefully he’ll at least wait until it’s over. Lashley vs. Rollins should be sick, and it’s not a singles match-up we’ve seen a million times.

Let us know what you think about this title tilt, Cagesiders.

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