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After a successful Clash, Triple H asks where WWE’s next UK show should be

Things have been going well for WWE since Vince McMahon resigned from all of his jobs at the company and his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over creative & talent relations. Ratings are up, WrestleMania 38 tickets are selling like hot cakes, and The Game got a fancy new title.

It kind of got lost in the news cycle, but WWE’s first premium live event from the United Kingdom on Sept. 3 was also a big hit. Trips took to Twitter this morning to share several measures of Clash at the Castle’s success...

“Most viewed” has been a big talking point for the company of late, a sign that their partnership with NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service is working — at least from the WWE side of things. “Fan reaction” is an interesting one, and not something we’re used to hearing The ‘E tout. There’s no mention of how they determined the rating from fans, but based on our own metrics, it was a crowd-pleaser.

So kudos to Trips & team for a good, and successful, show. As to Hunter’s question about WWE’s next destination? They’re already headed back to Saudi Arabia in November, but he seems to be asking about the UK specifically... and I doubt that would be many people’s answer anyway.

What’s yours?

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