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The return of LA Knight?

Back in May, the artist formerly known as LA Knight in NXT was called up to the main roster to work on Friday Night SmackDown as Max Dupri, the leader of the Maximum Male Models agency. He was an over the top close talker who was demanding everything be done his way in preparation for introducing a new stable of models.

Just two months later, reports made the rounds he was done with the group, and it appeared his sister, the recently debuted Maxxine, would be taking over. Said reports indicated he had rubbed some folks the wrong way and Vince McMahon made the call to go in a new direction. Things changed quickly for WWE as a whole, however, when McMahon resigned in disgrace. Triple H quickly took over and before we knew it, Max was back.

Things haven’t been going all that well for the group, though, and Max seemed to tease a return to his old character in a video after SmackDown this week:

“Gentlemen, you have to pick those chins up. Lift those chiseled chins. I’ve been here before, unfortunately, a couple too many times. In that process I have learned you have to go through the day to get to the night. Yeah.”

Get to the Knight, perhaps?

Stay tuned.

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