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Braun Strowman powerbombed Otis

If you were wondering how WWE would follow up on having Braun Strowman absolutely run through basically the entirety of the tag team division in his return to the company on Monday Night Raw this week, oh boy do I have a surprise for you.

Just kidding.

He did the exact same thing in his return to Friday Night SmackDown this week — the brand he will reportedly call home moving forward — just to a much smaller degree.

Indeed, Alpha Academy came over from the red brand to shoosh some folks and ruin Strowman’s big evening. They were, of course, lambs being led to the slaughter, fodder for the Monster. Sure enough, for the second time this week, the big fella hit the scene to cause some mayhem.

This powerbomb on Otis was cool:

Absolutely love the way they go so crazy for it, reminiscent of Goldberg in the late 90s hitting the Jackhammer on increasingly large individuals.

Wherever will they go from here? It’s hard telling. Roman Reigns doesn’t have any challengers at the time being, so perhaps he shoots to the top of the card. But he seems to be an expert at destroying tag teams, so perhaps he should go make history and solo win the tag titles?

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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