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Ex-NXT producer Ryan Katz confirms he’s rejoined WWE under Triple H

Triple H continues to get the black-and-gold band back together. After it was confirmed Brian “Road Dogg” James was replacing Jeff Jarrett as the executive in charge of WWE live events, word went around the long-time NXT creative producer Ryan Katz was also on his way back to the company. James and Katz were both released along with others from Haitch’s NXT team back in January.

A former independent wrestler who worked as “G. Q. Money” for XPW in the aughts, Katz originally worked with WWE doing motion capture for video games. His most high profile on-screen moment was probably as a fellow student in Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)’s Anger Management class*.

Katz has been podcasting with Road Dogg, and it was on the latest episode of Oh...You Didn’t Know that he confirmed he’s been re-hired by Triple H. He doesn’t really know what he’ll be doing, but to hear James tell it, there are lots of places Katz will be able to help out the new regime.

Katz: It’s going to be interesting because I’m still trying to figure out if that is exactly what I’m doing or not.

James: The job you did before, I don’t know if you had a billet or a title but you wore a ton of hats and I knew for a fact that when the regime changed, they’d have you back because I know the people who run the Performance Center valued you.

Will more names be returning behind-the-scenes? We’ll keep you posted.

* He’s “Stylez Monroe” in the video embedded at the top of the post, a sketch that remains fantastic a decade(!) after it aired.

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