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Rhea Ripley’s fans can’t get enough of her dominating Dominik Mysterio

If she’s successful in proving she’s Dom’s Papi, there’s an army of ‘simps’ waiting for Rey’s son to join them.

Sure, we should probably focus on the next big beat in Edge’s feud with The Judgement Day: Damian Priest vs. Edge in Toronto. Priest swears he’ll end the legend in his hometown on the Aug. 22 Raw, while the Rated R Superstar’s vowed to make Damian rue the day he betrayed him. It should lead us right to Edge vs. Finn Bálor at Clash at the Castle, after all.

But that’s not nearly as much fun as Rhea Ripley’s continued domination of Dominik Mysterio.

When Rhea used Dom as bait for a Judgement Day attack during Rey Mysterio’s 20th Anniversary celebration last month, we were all too focused on her scene with Aalyah (blame Buddy Matthews for that). But the Nightmare’s assaults on Dominik have become a recurring theme, and called attention to what a menacing figure Ripley is to almost anyone on the roster while putting an interesting tweak on the long-teased split between The Mysterios.

Mostly though? It’s great because it’s leaned into something that’s a joke for some, but not for everyone... Rhea’s online followers who call themselves “simps” and dream of their queen stepping on their necks, etc, etc.

Last week, it gave us this...

This week, she kicked Dom’s ass off-screen, but delivered the handiwork to Rey directly. Ripley worked in the #RheaIsPapi slogan the simps have embraced (including on some custom merch) when she taunted the elder Mysterio about his son’s real father...

Where’s it leading? To Dom joining TJD? To an intergender match? The internet don’t care.

Hope they’re still thinking about ditching that PG rating...

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