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Kevin Owens returned to take Ezekiel out

It’s been a few weeks since we saw Kevin Owens on WWE television. Folks wondered what the deal was, but reports indicated there were creative plans being drawn up for him. Triple H seems to believe in him quite a bit.

Well, he returned on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw with a vengeance.

He was so hyped, he slipped on his way up the steps to get into the ring for his scheduled match against his most recent nemesis, Ezekiel. Then he proceeded to beat the trash out of him, bringing back the dreaded apron powerbomb to maybe put him on the shelf once and for all:

Later, Owens would give a short interview saying that while others may be playing games about who they are, he knows exactly who he is, and he’s here to remind us this is still the “Kevin Owens Show.”

Count me in!

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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