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WWE NXT results, live blog (Aug. 9, 2022): Heatwave go home

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what’s been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight from the WWE Performance Center: Ahead of Women’s title shot next week, Zoey Stark deals with the angry, entitled Cora Jade! Plus, Nikkita Lyons looks to shut up Microsoft Office aficionado Kiana James, issues between Trick Williams & Wes Lee lead to a Rounds Match, Santos Escobar & Tony D’Angelo have yet another face-to-face... and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night, and they blew up his house, too. Down on the boardwalk, they’re getting ready for a fight, gonna see what them racket boys can do. Now there’s trouble busing in from out of state, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a video package recapping last week and hyping up this week’s show.

Kiana James vs. Nikkita Lyons

Collar and elbow, James rams her into the corner, big overhand chops get a shove, side headlock, shot off, Lyons drops her with a shoulder block! Another one, Kiana wrenches her foot over the ropes and then drops a knee into her knee! Pressing the attack with a stepover toehold, Nikkita gets up and rebounds with a series of boots and a senton in the corner.

A crescent kick sets her up...

Nikkita Lyons wins by pinfall with the split leg drop.

Post-match, James blasts her from behind with her bag!

Diamond Mine are backstage with Apollo Crews, watching film, when Roderick Strong rolls up and tries to sell the Creed Brothers on how they passed a test last week but they’re not having it, accusing Roddy of just lying to them. Strong says he’ll beat the piss out of Crews and then they can watch that tape later.

And of course, the Creeds will have to be in Roddy’s corner, because Diamond Mine is forever.

We get an infographic explaining the rules of our upcoming rounds match.

Wes Lee makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Lash Legend is on the phone with somebody when Malik Blade rolls up.

She recaps her match against Alba Fyre last week and we cut away before she can get to the point.

Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee (Rounds Match)

Both men wearing boxing gloves, trading body blows, Williams throwing a couple probing jabs but Lee keeps away from him. Trick gets through and rocks him with rights and lefts but Wes stays well covered up and shrugs off the worst of it. More back and forth body blows, Williams lands a knee and knocks him into the ropes!

Lighting Wes up with punches in the corner, the first round comes to an end as Lee comes back and works him over in the corner.

Round two, the gloves are off, hip tosses and dropkicks from Lee, dropping him to the floor, plancha follows! Back inside, Williams picks up a point in short order and we go to break with the round over.

Round three and Trick opts to wear just one boxing glove, for some reason. He catches Lee with a boot off the ropes, sunset flip from Wes for two, back and forth, Lee manages to pin him and earns a point to even it up!

During the rest period, Williams blasts Wes but he’s still up and fighting!

Round four, glove off this time, big leaping lariat from Trick for two! Scoop and a slam, putting boots to him, straight suplexes, Lee with a comeback, clock running down, he grabs a glove, big right...

Wes Lee wins by pinfall with a right hook, going 2-1.

We get a Chase U video from earlier today where Arianna Grace is mad that Thea Hail gave her a black eye on the playground or whatever.

Andre Chase says he’s gonna make it better by booking a match between them. Grace says she was thinking lawsuit, but Andre says this is Chase U and they settle their problems in the ring!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Carmelo Hayes is in the ring and on the mic.

He says they were supposed to have an hour-long celebration but Wes Lee cheated so now he’s got time to kill and talk about last week. He issued an open challenge and Nathan Frazer tried to pull a fast one, but just like everyone else, he stepped up and got stepped on.

Enter Giovanni Vinci.

He says Hayes was just lucky that goof Nathan Frazer came out and saved him last week, and in the meantime why not open that challenge up again next week at Heatwave? Carmelo says he’s got it twisted, Frazer saved him from him, actually, and he’s not him, because Hayes is.

At Heatwave, he’ll put it in the pot and let it cook, but he will put him in a t-shirt and it won’t be designer.

They fight, all ducking and dodging until referees separate them.

We get a video package for JD McDonagh vs. Bron Breakker next week and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lash Legend is still talking Malik Blade’s ears off when Edris Enofe rolls up, and she continues talking.

Arianna Grace vs. Thea Hail

Grace plants Hail into the turnbuckles out of a wheelbarrow, throwing her aside, judo throw, grinding her face into the mat! Grinding her down with a kneeling armbar, Thea breaks loose and runs a comeback, Codebreaker, off the ropes, running blockbuster and she’s fired up!

Standing moonsault, only two! Arianna blasts her...

Arianna Grace wins by pinfall.

We get night vision footage from inside Apollo Crews’ mind’s eye of Diamond Mine all laid out and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner from last week.

We go backstage with Solo and a trainer, who says his leg is jacked and while nothing’s torn or broken, he’s gonna be out 4-6 weeks. Sikoa isn’t having it, and Cameron Grimes rolls up.

He gives Solo his respect and Sikoa says he appreciates it.

Apollo Crews vs. Roderick Strong

Collar and elbow, fighting around the ring, Strong with a headlock takeover but Crews reverses to a wristlock. Roddy reverses, another headlock takeover, riding Apollo, paintbrushing him as he gets up and runs to the ropes to avoid further conflict.

Back at it, Crews gets a wristlock, elbows to the elbow, wrenching it, paintbrushing him in return! Back to a lockup, struggling, Strong with a keylock, Apollo arm drags his way out of it and nails him with a dropkick on the button! Going chop for forearm, a knee in the ropes, Crews with a dropkick off the second but Roddy cuts him out of midair with one of his own!

To the apron, Strong plucks him to the floor, stereo lariats and both men are down and out as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Roddy has a high-angle STF locked in, Crews out and running hot, Stinger Splash, diving blockbuster, rolling German suplexes, but he can’t keep Strong down! Blue Thunder Driver reversed, low bridge sends Apollo to the apron, a knee cuts him off!

Back inside, cover for two, pick the legs and into the Boston Crab! Crews hosses out of it, Roddy counters with a crossbody, fireman’s carry front slam...

Apollo Crews wins by pinfall with a fireman’s carry front slam.

Backstage, Lash Legend is still talking with Blade and Enofe when Pretty Deadly roll up.

They have a match and bluster about it at each other.

We cut to Santos Escobar pulling up to the location for his confrontation with Tony D’Angelo, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are asking Sanga for some wrestling tips.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter roll up and say they’re going to be fighting champions and they’ll be happy to give Leon and Feroz a shot.

They leave and Sanga says they’re very similar to the tag champs and they need to clear their mind, so next week he’ll take them somewhere for balance and perspective.

Diamond Mine are watching their eight-man tag from a few weeks ago and looking for flaws on Apollo Crews’ advice.

Roderick Strong rolls in to yell at them for not coming to help and Julius Creed says he passed the test. Strong is mad at him and Creed says he saw the problem and he’ll take care of it personally next week. Roddy yells some more and storms off.

We cut back to the park where Tony D’Angelo arrives to confront Santos Escobar.

Santos offers a handshake but Tony’s not having it and they sit down. He says he’s lucky he kept Escobar breathing, and tells him to look at where they’re at and see that he works for him. Santos asks if he’s a champion, Tony says he may not hold a title but he’s the boss, and Escobar laughs at him.

He says he’s a prideful person and the Legado del Fantasma was built on— Tony cuts him off and says his stupid pride got him walking behind him. Santos asks what they’re gonna do, ‘cause he doesn’t care for him, and D’Angelo says he’s gonna come work for him and his head is shoved up his own ass.

Escobar says he’s gotten to know who Tony is and what makes him tick, and the only reason he’s don is he sent Ciampa packing, so he’s offering the same. One final match, next week at Heatwave. Tony wins, Santos is gone, never to be seen on NXT again. D’Angelo insists that he gets to keep Cruz and Joaquin, and Santos agrees, but they’re freed if he wins.

Tony insists the match be a street fight, Escobar agrees, they shake on it and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Tiffany Stratton walk to her dressing room.

Wendy Choo is waiting with night vision goggles and turns the light out, and the sounds of a beatdown ensue.

She turns the light on and Tiffany is left laying.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson)

Prince and Blade to start, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, arm drag from Malik. Quick tags, babyfaces working the heels over, Pretty Deadly recover with an assisted gutbuster on Blade! They celebrate on the ramp but Briggs and Jensen roll up to make sure they go have a wrestle.

Hot tag to Enofe, dropkicks everywhere, Sling Blade, fired up! Briggs up on the apron with a chair, Edris gets blasted into him, tag...

Pretty Deadly win by pinfall with Spilt Milk on Edris Enofe.

Post-match, Lash Legend attacks Fallon Henley at ringside!

Backstage, Cameron Grimes is stopped by a security guard and shown the door, but Joe Gacy and the Schism are right there to ask where he’s going.

Grimes says he’s going home and leaves.

Cora Jade makes her entrance.

We go backstage with Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

Lyons gives her a pep talk and says they’re gonna win the big tag belts together, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a Toxic Attraction vignette with Jacy Jayne shopping for records and Gigi Dolin drinking in a bar.

Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage.

He says he’s stacking up win after win after—

Grayson Waller rolls up and congratulates him on his win.

He says Crews isn’t welcome here, and he already ran one guy out of here and he’d be happy to run another one off.

Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark

Mandy Rose is on commentary for this one.

Arm drags early, Jade bails to the apron and comes back in with stomps, forearms, Stark with waistlock takedowns into a waistlock pin for a nearfall. Charging elbows, back body drop to the apron, Zoey with a trip, corkscrew senton atomico, no dice! Cora regains control and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jade with a nearfall, some elbows, Stark reverses to a victory roll for two. a dropkick and both women are down and out. Cora gets a black kendo stick, but Zoey has her scouted and throws her with a German suplex! Off the ropes, sliding kick, a superkick... NOPE!

Out and back in, Jade trips her up, running knee, hammerlock DDT... STARK KICKS OUT! Shiranui in the corner, still just a two count! Roxanne Perez at ringside, Cora spooked, Zoey is on her...

Zoey Stark wins by pinfall with the flipping cradle facebreaker.

Post-match, Perez confronts Jade with the kendo stick but Cora runs away! Roxanne chases her to the back! Mandy Rose tries to take Zoey out but she eats the facebreaker too!

That’s the show, folks.

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