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Dexter Lumis shows up on Raw

All throughout this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw there was something weird going on. Each time WWE cut to the parking lot area for some of interview, you could see a lot going on in the background.

First, there was a car crash. Later, a commotion that led to the police seemingly chasing someone down. Finally, there was a commotion much closer to the ring, right near the barricade, just as the main event was ending and the show was about to go off the air.

This is what we saw:

That sure looks like...

Yep, it’s Dexter Lumis.

Lumis was released by WWE back in April but was the subject of recent rumors and reports on a possible return now that Triple H is running creative for the main roster. The recent regime change has seen the return of multiple released stars now, and Lumis has officially joined that list.

As for what they’re going for with his character here, we’ll have to wait and see.

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