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Let’s check in on Bret Hart’s feelings about Goldberg

You know the drill. Bret Hart blames Bill Goldberg for the injury which ended his career. Not everyone agrees with The Hitman’s assessment, but he’s never wavered in his opinion.

But maybe he was moved by Goldberg’s recent confession that Hart’s words hurt? Or admired Bill’s capacity for forgiveness as much as Bill does?

As of yesterday (Aug. 7, 2022) at a signing in New Jersey, the answer was still...

First of all, it makes me very happy there’s a Twitter account dedicated to — among other things related to the Excellence of Execution — how Bret feels about his fellow WWE Hall of Famer at any given moment. If this person starts a Patreon, I bet our Cain Knight will be his first subscriber.

Other than that, I’m trying to figure out how “in on the gag?” Bret is here. He’s a savvy guy who stays up on the business and the conversation surrounding it, so he has to know that his repeated comments about Goldberg are enough of a thing to merit something like a Twitter account chronicling his animosity.

Could he be holding this grudge as a kind of kayfabe? Let’s ask Bret...

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