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This is a pretty damn good Tommaso Ciampa promo

Triple H is heading up creative for the main roster now, so you know that means a push for Tommaso Ciampa. Sure enough, he’ll be wrestling Bobby Lashley for the United States championship on Monday Night Raw this week.

In advance of as much, WWE put out a promo he cut backstage at a house show over the weekend and it’s pretty damn good:

“I am not here to take anything away from Bobby Lashley. He is a proud United States champion. The All Mighty One is not just a catchphrase, this is a guy, Bobby Lashley, who is a national wrestling champion. Almost an Olympian, but third on the ladder. He is a hell of an MMA fighter … in Bellator, not the UFC. Bobby Lashley served in the United States Army but he is not a Marine. My point is that Bobby Lashley always leaves just a little bit of room for somebody to be just a little bit better than him. I am the greatest sports entertainer of all time. I’m not just good, I’m not just great, I am the greatest.

“And, and, and … I have the Miz factor by my side. And with Miz leading the way, we’re talking about a guy who wasn’t just a United States champion he was a world champion. He’s been in the ring with champions. He has Bobby Lashley scouted. The fact of the matter is Bobby Lashley doesn’t even know half of what I’m capable of in that ring. So with Miz leading the way it is as good as gold. This Monday night on Raw you are looking at your new United States champion, Ciampa.”

The vertical video is no good, and I will admit I almost broke out laughing when he said he has the “Miz factor,” but this was good. Here’s to hoping the match on Raw will be even better.

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