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Roman’s Vince McMahon reference immortalized in new ‘Daddy’ merch

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Roman Reigns got to make one of the first big references to Vince McMahon’s resignation on WWE television.

It came in an early segment of the July 25 Raw, which aired the day we learned Triple H was taking over creative from his father-in-law. It happened when Reigns told Vince’s on-screen protege Theory that his “daddy’s not here any more,” and got lots of “OHHH SNAP” reactions from the fans in the Madison Square Garden and the ones watching all around the world.

If McMahon isn’t Theory’s daddy, who is? Well, Roman’s new t-shirts answer that question — not just for Mr. Money in the Bank, but for all of us. They also remind us of the Undisputed WWE Universal champion’s line from two Monday’s ago...

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Can’t knock the hustle, but for me these go on the long list of wrestling shirts I wouldn’t wear in public. I will acknowledge Roman’s a good looking and charismatic human, and if you want call him “Daddy” I understand & respect that. But it’s a no for me, dawg.

If it’s a yes for you, you can get your Daddy merch here.

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