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FINALLY... The Boss has come back... to Twitter (UPDATED)

Sasha Banks has been spotted out & about — and at the eye surgeon — since she & Naomi walked out of Raw back in May, leaving the WWE Women’s Tag titles behind, prompting the company to suspend (and shame) the duo, and kicking off three months of rumors about their futures.

But she’s been silent on social media, with no tweets and nary a ‘Gram. Until today (Aug. 5) that is!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a big announcement, or even a motivational message we can read too much into, this ain’t that. We already knew The Boss was booked for her first paid public appearance at this weekend’s Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) under her real name Mercedes Varnado. Her return to Twitter is simply her promoting that signing...

Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t a big event for her fans, who replied with everything from “Welcome back, Queen!” to crying memes. So, happy Sasha Banks returns to Twitter day to those who celebrate.

As it pertains to the latest rumors the Boss ‘n’ Glow team will come back to WWE now that Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan & Triple H are in charge? We’ll probably have to wait until reports hit about what she says to folks in Chicago this weekend. Or we can look for signs in Varnado being listed then removed from the roster for a celebrity flag football game the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams have scheduled for this afternoon...

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: As you can see above, the message from C2E2 promoting Sasha’s signing that she quote-tweeted has been deleted. They’ve also deleted one about Naomi’s scheduling appearance...