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Wrestling is no longer a dirty word at WWE

Vince McMahon’s pet peeves were nothing to sneeze at (literally), and ended up impacting the WWE product to extents we’ll never truly know.

One of the most frequently discussed ways they did show up on Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-view... er, sorry... premium live event broadcasts was in strange turns of phrase like “Premium Live Event”, and infamous lists of words and phrases performers weren’t allowed to say on air. Banned word lists circulated every so often while Vince was still at the helm of WWE’s day-to-day operations, frustrating fans and talent alike.

But in the brief time since Triple H assumed control of the company’s creative, we’ve already heard about a loosening of restrictions on things like strictly adhering to the script during promos. This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports another change — at least two words have been removed from the banned list.

Under McMahon’s regime, “wrestler” and “wrestling” were only heard when talent had explicit authorization to use those words. It meant getting used to hearing “WWE Superstar” and “sports entertainment” a lot.

Now that we’re in Triple H’s WWE, however, Dave Meltzer’s heard those are no longer “dirty words.”

Wrestlers will still be “Superstars” for marketing and branding purposes, and this doesn’t mean all of the banned words are now fair game. But if it does end more than a decade of WWE trying to pretend they’re not a wrestling company, which could go a long way towards earning the goodwill of people on all sides of the business who love pro wrestling.