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Mayor Kane wins re-election

Incumbent Glenn Jacobs is the projected winner in tonight’s race for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Better known to wrestling fans as Kane, some of his notable accomplishments in his first term as mayor included spreading propaganda and lies to undermine public health officials, saying really stupid things about gun violence, and appearing at an occasional WWE event.

Kane’s re-election as mayor was all but guaranteed earlier this year when he ran unopposed in the Republican primary. Democratic candidates were always going to have an uphill battle in a general election in this deep red region of Tennessee. To that end, Jacobs was projected as the winner tonight over Debbie Helsley with 63% of the precincts reporting their vote tallies.

Kane celebrated his big win with the following message on his Twitter account, thanking his supporters who came out to vote for him:

There you have it, Cagesiders. Knox County now gets four more years of the Big Red Machine in power.