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Bobby Lashley doesn’t think Vince McMahon is gone from WWE

Many pro wrestling fans still find it hard to believe that Vince McMahon really is gone from WWE and a new regime has taken over in his place. After all, McMahon is known to be an extremely defiant man who craves power and control; he was even rumored to say “FUCK EM!” when he returned to WWE television following the Wall Street Journal’s initial report on the investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct. Would this same man really just abruptly retire from his life’s work with a simple tweet and disappear?

I was initially skeptical of Vince’s departure as well, the but story that came out about unrecorded expenses made by McMahon erased any of those doubts in my mind. He’s potentially in a lot of hot water here, and there was no other course of action but to resign from his position.

However, some folks still think Vince isn’t gone for good. You can count Bobby Lashley among the group of people who suspect Vince is still pulling some strings behind the scenes. Here’s what he told ESPN about Vince’s departure:

“It’s not like Vince isn’t going to be there anymore. He’s not going to just let his baby that he’s grown to this level just falter. So, he’s still going to be there. He’s just giving other people opportunities to keep pressing on.”

I can’t really blame Bob if he is drawing this conclusion about Vince still being involved in WWE based off of Io Shirai being renamed IYO SKY. Regardless, Vince McMahon really is gone from WWE and he won’t be coming back. It can be hard to believe, but it really is true.

Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H are now running the WWE operation, and I think they will show us all in fairly quick order that Vince McMahon is not the indispensable pro wrestling genius that many people have come to believe he is over the years.